Iconic London sheer bronze liquid bronzer

What’s New In Beauty? | Spring 2021 Makeup Wishlist

We’re in the thick of spring and you know what that means… New beauty products!

Every time the seasons change, I go over all the new beauty releases and I pick the best ones to add to my everlasting wishlist. If this is your first time on my blog and you haven’t read a New In Beauty yet, click here.

Lately, there have been a bunch of exciting new launches in the beauty world and I’m dying to talk about them! And, you know, add them to my wishlist and eventually (hopefully) try them out.

Keep reading to check out the latest and greatest in the beauty world.

Naturium Fermented Camellia Creamy Cleansing Oil

I am a huge fan of Naturium and cleansing oils so this product is my dream come true. It’s the latest launch from the brand and I really want to try it! From what I’ve seen, this product is unique because the formula starts off as jelly and turns into an oil as you rub it in. It has amazing, soothing ingredients which make this the perfect cleanser/makeup remover for all skin types. It’s high-quality and it’s affordable. It doesn’t get better than that.

Surratt Artistique Liquid blush

Surratt Artistique Liquid Blush

You guys already know I’m obsessed with cream blushes and these new ones from Surratt are calling my name. The bright colors are right up my alley and since the formula is liquid I bet they build up and layer beautifully on the face. Plus they won’t move around like regular cream blushes do and they’re more long-lasting since they’re liquid. Surratt is a luxury brand so these are expensive but I’m willing to bet they’re worth it for the quality.

Hindash Beautopsy palette

Hindash Beautopsy Palette

This is honestly one of the most innovative products I have ever seen. I’m a big fan of Hindash and his Beautopsy palette is so freaking perfect! This is a palette you can use on your eyes and face and, because of the gradient in the pans, you can customize the colors. I’m obsessed with the shades in here because you get everything you need to create a full look and then some. Again, this is an expensive palette, but for the quality and innovation, I’m willing to invest.

Iconic London sheer bronze liquid bronzer

These are new and I haven’t really heard anyone talk about them so I’m going to. This is a sheer liquid bronzer from Iconic London and from the swatches I saw online, I need to get one for myself asap! The formula is sheer but buildable and once it’s blended, it dries down. The shade range is good and since the formula is sheer one shade can work for a few different skin tones. This product could be the perfect natural bronzer for my oily humans this spring/summer.

MakeUp ForEver Watertone Skin-Perfecting Tint Foundation 

From what I understand, this is the reformulated version of one of my favorite foundations ever, the Water Blend foundation. If it is, I can’t wait to try this new version! This is described as a hydrating skin tint so it’s not exactly a foundation. It evens out your complexion and makes your skin look healthy and hydrated, but it won’t add a lot of coverage. It’s the perfect base for daily wear because it makes your skin look amazing and it makes it feel amazing!

And that’s all I’m adding to my beauty wishlist for Spring 2021! What new products have you been eyeing lately?

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this was helpful 🙂

Love always,

Isa ❤

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