6 TikTok BEAUTY Influencers You Should Be Following

I recently discovered the world of beauty TikTok and my productivity will never be the same. There are so many creative makeup artists who do insane work but there’s also a lot of people sharing beauty knowledge and product reviews. I could spend the rest of my life on TikTok just watching one-minute videos of people talking about beauty. But I won’t.

I don’t know about you, but beauty tiktoks don’t feels as serious as Instagram and they aren’t as long as Youtube videos, but they’re still entertaining and informative. They’re kind of like the perfect in-between when I want to consume beauty content but I don’t want to commit to just one thing.

With my beauty TikTok obsession comes my obsession with finding the best beauty creators out there. Over the past week, I’ve watched a lot of beauty videos and I went through what feels like every single beauty creator on TikTok to find the best ones. And after my extensive–– and very fun––research, I think I finally found them!


I follow Sarah on IG and YouTube but I had no idea her tiktoks were so good! She does mini-tutorials and brand/product reviews that are super easy to follow along with. She focuses mostly on makeup content with a bit of skincare content sprinkled here and there. Her makeup looks are so unique but they don’t feel intimidating to recreate. They’re just a great source of inspiration for those of us who feel like we’re stuck in a makeup rut. And this might just be me being weird, but her voice is the most soothing voice I ever did hear. Whenever I have anxiety I watch a few of her tiktoks and I’m good to go!


Jaz is such a fun creator to follow. She does mostly makeup videos and a few funny tiktoks every once in a while. Her bubbly personality shines through in all her videos and makes you feel like you’re just talking to a friend. My favorite thing about Jaz is that she doesn’t wear foundation. As someone who’s not a fan of foundations, I love that she’s out here showing us how to do all kinds of dramatic looks without the need for foundation. She’s extremely talented and her unique content will keep you coming back for more.


Reply to @dressabelvel yes!! 💖💙🤍✨☁️ @colourpopco #colourpop

♬ Cotton Candy Lemonade – Blu DeTiger


If you’re into no-talking, aesthetic beauty tiktoks; Mia has got you covered. She mostly does gorgeous editorial makeup looks and fun makeup hacks. Her how-tos are so easy to follow and I’ve learned a bunch of new beauty tips from watching her tiktoks. Even though she doesn’t talk or explain things in her videos, the close-ups make it easy to follow along and really see how the products perform. If you like beautiful content on your For You Page, definitely follow Mia.


If you’re in the mood for flawless, colorful editorial makeup; you need to follow Jailini. Every single one of her looks is unique and perfectly executed. Even though her makeup style is completely different from mine, I still love watching her tiktoks for creative inspiration. Some of my favorite videos she does are her ‘Lip Combo’ videos. You have no idea how many lip liners and lipsticks I’ve added to my wishlist just from watching them. She’s insanely talented yet insanely underrated. Go follow her asap!


If you’re not into crazy editorial makeup or trendy tiktoks, Beti is the creator for you. She focuses mostly on skincare and natural makeup content. She does a lot of hauls and informative videos about new products. And she does beautiful, straightforward product swatches and demos. If you want to learn more about beauty products and get great recommendations without all the ~aesthetic~ fuzz, you need to follow Beti!


I like to use #selftanner drops to add a touch of golden glow to my face #loreal #glowyskin #targetbeauty #targetfinds

♬ Can We Kiss Forever? – Kina


Last but not least, we got Tashi. She focuses mostly on minimalistic, editorial makeup with a bit of lifestyle sprinkled in. Her no-talk tutorials and GRWMs are very fun to consume. Her videos are much more approachable and easy-going despite being on the editorial side of things and I really enjoy that. If you’re just dipping your toes in editorial makeup Tashi is a great source of inspiration. And if you like the ~aesthetic~ fuzz that I was just talking about, you will love her videos.


Bronzed Golden Goddess ✨💕 I’ll list the products in the comments! Def danced around with my dog to this song today 🙂

♬ Save Your Tears – The Weeknd

I can’t help but feel like I aged myself while writing this post cause I’m definitely a TikTok novice. But I’ve been having too much fun discovering beauty TikTokers so I just had to share my favorites. Don’t forget to follow these talented ladies for an elevated TikTok experience!

Who are your favorite beauty creators on TikTok? Anyone I should check out next?

Thank you so much for tuning in!

Love always,

Isa ❤

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