Glossier Cloud Paint Dupe

A Total Dupe! | Glossier Cloud Paints VS. Flower Beauty Blush Bombs

You guys have been loving my Glossier dupe posts and, given Glossier’s current situation in the media, I thought it was time for a new Total Dupe.

Glossier has been on thin ice for the past few months now and I know a lot of people in the beauty community have stopped supporting the brand. That’s why I wanna give you guys as many dupes as I can find!

Today I’m duping one of my favorite Glossier products: the Cloud Paints. Many brands have tried to imitate them but very few have succeeded. I’ve tried and seen many blushes that claim to be dupes but the only ones that come close are the Flower Beauty Blush Bombs.

A lot of people have been comparing these two products online but, are they total dupes? Let’s find out.

The first thing that makes these seem like dupes, is the packaging. They both come in squeezy tubes that look very similar.

The first telltale sign of a dupe is the packaging. While these aren’t exact, there are a lot of similarities. Both formulas are also liquid and they feel very similar to the touch. They’re both lightweight and easy to use and the colors in both ranges are very similar. But I’m here to confirm that they’re not the same.

The biggest difference IMO is that Cloud Paints dry down completely. They’re not matte but they set on your skin and they don’t move.

Cloud Paints are very pigmented and the tiniest amount of product goes a long way. The formula is like a mix of cream and liquid which makes it easy to blend with any tool –even your fingers. Because this is so lightweight and you need little product, it layers very well without disrupting any makeup that’s already on your skin.

Cloud Paints are perfect for any skin tone and skin type. Because they’re very pigmented they show up true to color, even on deeper skin tones. If you have oilier/combo skin, you’d love these because they hold up the whole day. But they also look beautiful on drier skin because they’re a satin finish.

The only thing I don’t love about Cloud Paints is the packaging. Visually, it’s beautiful. But it’s not practical. It’s very hard to squeeze just a little bit so I always end up wasting product. If I travel with them they’ll explode when I go in to use them and waste a lot of product. It’s very messy packaging but I look past it because I love the product so much.

Let’s move on to the Blush Bombs, shall we?

The 2 biggest differences are the price and the finish. Because these are drugstore, they’re obviously more affordable which is always a plus. But let’s circle back to the finish. A while ago I mentioned that Cloud Paints dried down. These also set on your skin but they stay dewy and give your cheeks a more ‘natural’ look.

The formula is very similar to Cloud Paints in the sense that it’s also lightweight and a cream/liquid hybrid. But this has more of like a gel feel when you apply it. Because of that, I find Blush Bombs easier to blend and layer. It’s easier to manipulate the formula because it’s not as pigmented so you have a bit of wiggle room if you mess up. They’re less pigmented than Cloud Paints so you will need more product if you like a bolder blush.

Because of the dewy nature of this particular formula, I think drier skin types would love Blush Bombs. But if you have oilier skin and like the dewy look, you can also use these, no problem. Even though the shades are similar to Cloud Paints, some colors won’t be suited for darker skin tones because they’re not as pigmented.

I also love the packaging of Blush Bombs. It has kind of like a pointed tip that makes squeezing out the product very easy. It’s less wasteful and it has never exploded on me, which makes it travel friendly as well. It doesn’t look as cute as Glossier’s packaging but it’s 100% more effective.

Both of these products have similar claims and look very similar from afar. But if you zoom in these are not total dupes!

The Cloud Paints are a very unique product that’s very hard to dupe. And while Blush Bombs tick off many of the boxes, they’re not identical. Because of my combo skin, I prefer Cloud Paints but I also love and use my Blush Bombs all the time when I want something dewier. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you prefer and what will suit your skin type the best.

If you’re choosing to not support Glossier anymore I think Blush Bombs are the closest dupe you’ll find for Cloud Paints. If you’ve found other products that are Cloud Paint dupes, leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to this post!

Love always,

Isa ❤


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