Glossier Lash Slick Dupe

A Total Dupe! | Glossier Lash Slick vs. Maybelline Snapscara

Let’s get one thing clear, I cannot live without mascara. It’s just that makeup item that makes all the difference for me. And I reach for it daily. Yes, even on my better days of self-isolation.

I have different mascaras on rotation at all times. Lengthening mascaras, volumizing mascaras, and natural mascaras. While in self-isolation I’ve been keeping it as natural as possible and that’s how I found today’s dupe.

Well, not entirely. I’ve heard about the Glossier Lash Slick and the Maybelline Snapscara being dupes, online. But I finally tested it out for myself these past few months to see if they are actually dupes or if the internet is lying to us yet again.

If you’re interested in knowing if these two are total dupes, keep on reading!

Both of these formulas are formulated to look natural on your lashes. They don’t focus on any volume or drama, just lengthening and accentuating what you already have. They’re both considered tubing/fiber mascaras which means they come off easily with warm water and don’t irritate the eyes.

Out of the two, I’ll admit Lash Slick is my favorite. All of the claims that this product promises are true. This gives me natural lift and length without clumping and it makes my lashes look like I don’t have any mascara on. It’s a very unique product. It’s $16 and one tube has lasted me a long time.

The formula is a bit dry ––which I prefer, and it builds up nicely. Because of the nature of the formula, there’s no smudging or flaking. No matter how many layers of this you apply, your lashes will always look natural and separated. So if you’re looking for volume, this mascara is not it.

The wand is a pokey, plastic wand that’s small enough to grab onto all your lashes and coat them evenly. I have small eyes so I’m all for a tiny wand that’s easy to manage. Plus, I think this is the perfect lower lash mascara. But be careful cause if you poke your eye, it hurts like a biotch!

The only thing I don’t love about this is the process of removing it. It isn’t hard at all but it takes a bit of time. Whether you go in with a makeup remover or just warm water, it takes a bit of wiggling to get all of the fibers of your lashes. And, if you’re not careful they can get into your eyes.

I have a whole first impressions video I did when this came out and I’ll link it here for your viewing pleasure.

The Maybelline Snapscara is more versatile than lash slick. And it’s only $7.77 for a tube that’s also gonna last you a long time.

This formula is definitely wetter and more intense. Upon first application, my lashes look natural but you can tell I’m wearing mascara. And the more you build it up the more intense it’s gonna look. Again, this gives me a lot of length and not a lot of volume but the natural look is gonna depend on how much of it I apply.

Because the formula is wetter than Lash Slick, it. can clump up a little but it never gets to the point of spidery lashes. There’s no flaking or smudging with this formula either unless your lashes come in contact with a lot of water.

Snapscara’s wand is quite big and it’s more of a brush, not plastic. It has a really weird curve that makes it super easy to apply and coat all your lashes evenly. You can even switch angles to get a more precise application.

Glossier Lash Slick Dupe

One of my favorite things about this is how easy it is to remove. All you need is warm water and the mascara will fall off your lashes. No rubbing, tugging, or makeup remover needed. It’s like magic!

While both of these products have similar claims and formulas I do not think they are total dupes. Lash Slick is a natural ‘no-makeup makeup’ mascara all the way and Snapscara looks natural as well but you can definitely tell there’s mascara on your lashes. They might look similar on the lashes but the effects are not the same.

If you’re looking for a closer, affordable dupe for Lash Slick; I recommend using the Maybelline Lash Lift mascara ($7.34). While I haven’t used it long enough to give you a full review, it has similar claims to Lash Slick and it looks more similar on the lashes than Snapscara does.

Have you tried these mascaras out? Are they total dupes? Or do you agree with me?

Thank you so much for reading! Hope this was helpful 🙂

Love Always,

Isa ❤


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