Cocokind | A Brand to Follow

It’s time for a new and exciting Brand to Follow! (Catch up on the last one here)

This one is gonna be a bit different because I’m gonna blabbing about a skincare brand with a few ‘makeup’ items sprinkled in. I don’t think I’ve ever focused on a skincare brand before so I’m pumped!

If you read the title then you can guess that today I’m sharing my thoughts on Cocokind!

Cocokind is a clean, conscious, and accessible beauty brand that’s perfect for every skin type. They have a lot of products ranging from ––mostly–– skincare, to beverages. Not only do they have a wide variety of products but they have a lot to choose from.

Possibly my favorite thing about Cocokind is how affordable it is. All of their products are under $40 and you can get them pretty much everywhere. I know most ‘clean’ brands are very expensive so this can be a great alternative for those of you who prefer clean beauty but don’t have a big budget.

One other thing that I love about the brand is its packaging. Everything looks so cute and well branded. Looking at the products you’d never guess this is an affordable brand.

I’ve tried a few of their products and I love them! But I’m dying to try some more. Especially the ones I feature below.

1. Oil to Milk cleanser. 2. Macabeet Tinted Moisture Stick. 3. Texture Smoothing Cream. 4. Mymatcha All-over Moisture Stick. 5. Glow Essence with Sea Caviar. 6. Chlorophyll Mask.

If you want to check out Cocokind products you can go on their website or get them from Target. Whatever works best for you.

Have you tried any Cocokind products? What do you recommend I try next?

Thank you so much for reading!

Love always,

Isa ❤

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