The Quarantine Edit

We’re living through extremely weird, uncertain times right now. I’ve been quarantined for a bit over 2 months and if there’s one thing I haven’t been doing is wearing makeup.

For the most part, I focus on my skincare on a daily basis but there have been a few days when I feel like I need a little something extra. Maybe I have a super important Zoom meeting or just need a boost of motivation. Makeup has come in clutch on those rare days.

I’ve been reaching for the same, easy-to-use products every time I feel like doing my makeup. And, I must say, I feel like I’ve mastered the ‘no-makeup makeup’ look during quarantine.

Since I’ve been so good about skincare lately I like to go for face products that are actually good for my skin. I definitely don’t go for much coverage and I only cover the areas that I feel like really need it. I use the Tatcha The Pearl in Moonlight mostly to brighten and hide my dark under eyes and other dull areas of my face. And to bring back some color and structure to my face, I go in with the Milk Makeup Baked Matte Bronzer. It gives me the fake sun-kissed look I crave, especially during this quarantine.

My eye look is even simpler. I use Glossier Boy Brow to tame my brows and add a bit of definition to them. And on days when I want to look more awake and open (is that like, a thing?), I go in with a natural mascara –preferably brown, At the moment I’m loving the Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift. If I feel like I need something extra on my eyes, I just go in with a bit of bronzer on the crease to complete the look.

My lips completely depend on my mood. 99% of the time I just want hydration but, instead of going in with a lip balm, I take it one step further and wear a gloss. Right now, I’m reaching for the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb In Glass Slipper because it’s very nourishing and long-lasting. If for whatever reason, I want a bit more color on my lips I apply the Ohii Lip Smudge in Scorpio because it’s a my-lips-but-better color that goes unnoticed.

And those are all of the makeup products I’m reaching for during quarantine!

What are your thoughts on wearing makeup during lockdown? Are you all for it or against it?

Thank you so much for reading! Stay safe 🙂

Love always,

Isa ❤

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