1 Beauty Podcast We Should All Listen To | Fat Mascara

With all this extra time in my hands, I’ve been getting really into podcasts of all kinds. (Thank you quarantine!) But my favorite ones to listen to, are the beauty podcasts, of course.

There are so many to pick from and there is a beauty podcast for everyone’s beauty preference. But there’s one podcast in particular that has it all. And that’s the one and only, Fat Mascara.

Hosted by Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein, Fat Mascara is a podcast that focuses on everything beauty. Both Jenn and Jess are beauty editors; so they live, eat, and breathe all things beauty.

Fat Mascara not only focuses on makeup or skincare. Haircare, body care, nail care; anything beauty related you can imagine, Jenn and Jess talk about it on the podcast.

Additionally to both of them sharing their expertise, each week they have industry guests that share their beauty tips, success stories, and incredible insight into the beauty industry. So it goes beyond what we usually see in the media about the beauty industry.

I love this podcast because I learn a lot. Not only about brands and product recommendations but about the industry as well. Jenn and Jess do a great job of explaining everything as simple as possible so that it’s easy for the listener to follow along and understand what they’re saying.

When you’re listening to Fat Mascara, you can tell that Jenn and Jess are passionate about beauty and I think that’s the most important part. I always feel so happy when I listen to them talk because they’re always super enthusiastic and fun. I kinda feel like they’re my cool older sisters that know everything about life and beauty.

A bonus thing that I love about Fat Mascara, is that they’ve created a solid community of beauty lovers that goes beyond the podcast. They’re very active on IG, on their website and they even have a Facebook group where listeners can interact and learn from each other. Talk about value creation!

Fat Mascara is my happy place. There’s truly no other podcast like it.

So, if you’re a beauty lover and you’re looking for new content that’s fun and educational, subscribe to Fat Mascara and start listening. Most of us have a lot of time in our hands, so this is the perfect moment to get hooked on it!

Are you into any beauty podcasts at the moment? What’s your favorite one?

Thank you so much for reading!

Stay safe,

Isa ❤

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