6 Beauty Micro-Influencers You Must Follow On Instagram

The world is in a scary, weird place right now. And I know beauty might not be on everyone’s minds. But it’s a really good distraction for all of us that are bored while we’re self-isolated or quarantined.

Today I wanted to lighten the mood and give you a bit of entertainment in the form of a blog post!

There are a lot of amazing humans in the beauty community that deserve much more recognition than they get. I wanted to share my favorite, beauty micro-influencer accounts on Instagram and share some much-needed love.

If you’re looking to refresh your feeds and follow a few more boss babes, keep on reading!


Ughh, what can I say about Kayla? She is such a sweetheart and that translates through her feed. She takes incredible product shots and she’s got a very distinct style to her pictures. She also does easy-to-read reviews and has great product recommendations. She 100% deserves more followers.


If you’re on the hunt for some new look inspo, look no further than Liv’s account. She does the most amazing, unique eye looks that make me wanna get creative. And she’s also the blending queen! If I could blend eyeshadow as she does, all of my problems would be solved. She’s a very underrated yet amazing artist.


Billie is an Australian babe! She’s got a really calming feed that still catches your eye because it’s so unique. Her product shots are my favorite and I love how she includes reviews or just shares parts of her life in her captions. It makes me feel like I know her. Even though I definitely don’t.


If you want to follow the cutest beauty Instagram to ever grace this earth, you need to follow Amy. She has the most unique feed I’ve ever seen. I love how she incorporates storytelling to her pics and how she manages to change things up all the time. If you’re looking for something new and refreshing, check her feed out!


If you’re more into the mix of beauty and lifestyle, Monique is your gal. Aside from being one of the most gorgeous human beings I’ve ever seen, she has a very aesthetically pleasing feed. I get a lot of inspiration from her on how to structure my feed and how to get more creative with my content. I love it!


Alexa is my fellow Latina and I feel like we get each other, even though I don’t know her. She is such a sweet and beautiful person who has grown so much since I started following her. Her feed is beautiful and I love her nail pics. But I think my favorite thing about her is the super unique yet achievable looks she constantly posts. I think you should go follow her right now and see for yourself.

And that’s a wrap on my current favorite micro-influencers in the beauty community! Of course, there are many more that I love but I had to limit myself for all our sakes.

Do you have any favorite micro-influencers? It doesn’t matter if they’re beauty or not. I’m just a bit nosey, lol.

If you wanna connect with me on Insta, check me out @makingitup_byisa.

I hope this was a helpful source of entertainment for the dark days ahead. Thank you so much for reading!

Stay safe,

Isa ❤

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