Become The Greatest Makeup Packer With These 4 Tips

I’ve done quite a bit of traveling in my lifetime and, after what seems like forever, I finally established my packing technique.

Over the last few years, I’ve learned how to maximize space and not overpack my makeup. I’ve learned what to pack and what not to pack. And I’ve also learned how to protect my makeup from shattering at the sight of a suitcase.

Since these tips/techniques have worked out so well for me, I couldn’t keep them to myself. I have to share them with you!

So, if you’re traveling soon or you just want to have these tips down for the next time you do, keep on reading.

The Tips

1. Opt for a Medium-Sized Makeup Bag

I know the feeling of wanting to bring your entire collection with you when you’re traveling. But it’s just not practical. Trust me, I’ve tried.

And I’ve found the best way to stop myself from overpacking, is to downsize my makeup bag. Instead of using a big makeup bag that I can fill with unnecessary products, I opt for a medium-sized bag that holds all my essentials and doesn’t leave room for much else. It really makes you think about which products are musts and which products you can live without.

And, bonus mini-tip inside this tip: A clear makeup bag will make your life 100 times easier. All of your products will be visible to you which in turn makes for easy access.

2. Keep Your Brushes + Tools in a Separate Bag/Brush Holder

If you wanna keep your brushes from getting damaged and dirty, just keep them separate from your makeup. A separate smaller bag or –ideally– a brush holder will protect your brushes and tools and it will keep everything much more organized. And clean.

Keeping your tools separate from your products also gives you more flexibility with space. Instead of having to make room for your brushes in your bag, you can pack those extra lipsticks you’re not gonna wear but you need just in case.

3. Always Have Travel Sizes of Your Favorites

I know there are mixed feelings toward travel sizes in the beauty community but I happen to think they’re fantastic. And if you travel a lot, this tip’s a must.

For starters travel sizes or minis take up less space and weight in your bag. Which means you can bring more things. Or it can also mean you can bring your bag in your carry on and keep your products safe.

But having travel sizes of your faves also means that you don’t have to stray from your daily makeup. You can keep using the products you love and have a semblance of routine. Even while traveling.

4. Try to Pack More Creams Than Powders

If you’ve ever traveled with powder products then you probably know the devastating feeling when you realized they’ve shattered and made a mess everywhere. It has happened to me way too many times. Until I learned about this life-saving tip.

If you try to replace as many powder products for cream products as possible, there’s less chance for your powders to break. Personally, I always pack my cream cheek products and sometimes even my cream eyeshadows to keep my powders safe. In the odd case, I want to pack an eyeshadow palette or another powder, I make sure to bring something that has traveled well before and that I know won’t break.

This tip has honestly brought me so much peace of mind and I know it will for you too.

And those are my most useful makeup packing tips that I’ve perfected after years of travel! If you want an in-depth, deep dive into what exactly I like to pack, click here.

Do you have any amazing tips of your own? Let me know 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!

Lots of love,

Isa ❤

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