My Week In Lipsticks | Valentine’s Day Edition 2.0

It’s the eve before Valentine’s Day and we’re gonna talk about lipsticks, ok?

I find that around this time of year everyone seems to get really sappy. Whether they have someone to spend V-Day with or not, everyone just feels a bit off. Or maybe that’s just me and my distaste for the holiday. Who knows?

What I do know is that the surest way to cure sappiness, (is that even a thing?) is lipstick. So that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.

On today’s lipstick diary I’m sharing 5 lip products that I wore on rotation this week. And they’re Valentine’s day inspired, of course.

I hope these lippies inspire you to feel like the single boss ass bitch you are. Alternatively, make you feel like a snack for your significant other. Yes, I cringed when I wrote it.

Let’s bring on the lipsticks!

The Lip Products

Tower 28 ShineOn Lip Jelly in Spicy | semi-kiss approved

The gloss to end all glosses. I wore this the most during the week because of how easy it is to wear and how comfortable it feels on my lips.

Of course, since this is V-Day inspired I pulled out the gloss with a slight tint of red to get me in the mood. This gloss makes my lips look juicy and plump without feeling sticky or goopy. It’s very light-weight and it works beautifully on top of other lip products as well as on its own.

YSL Volupté Plump-In-Color Plumping Lip Balm in 4 Exposing Coral | kiss approved

The main reason that I picked this lippie for this specific week is because it has a heart in the middle of the bullet. So on brand for Valentine’s!

I wore this on a day when I wasn’t feeling very inspired and I just needed a bold color to be the statement. As the name suggests, this is a balmy lip tint that’s extremely comfortable to wear and makes your lips tingle. So if you’re not kissing anyone on V-Day, you can just apply this and feel that tingle that all romance novel authors write about.

On a more serious note, you can wear this as a sheer wash of color or you can build it up to get a more intense look. Coral isn’t the most conventional Valentine’s Day color but it somehow works perfectly.

Lancôme L’Absolu Lacquer in 134 | semi-kiss approved

I couldn’t do a Valentine’s Day inspired post without mentioning a red lipstick. It would be like committing a crime. So here’s your red!

Since this is a long-lasting liquid lipstick hybrid, I wore this on a day that dragged on forever. I never felt the need to reapply and the red lasted me all day.

I picked this lipstick not only because of its longevity but because it’s extremely comfortable to wear. I’ve been into glossy lips lately (in case you couldn’t tell) so this was the perfect mix of everything I look for in a lip product. Plus it made me feel really powerful.

L’Oreal Rouge Signature Matte Lip Stain in Empower | kiss approved

Nudes are always a must for me, no matter what week it is. So I obviously had to include one. I also included this specific one for those of you who are gonna be doing a lot of kissing on V-Day.

The name suggests this is a lip stain, but it’s simply a liquid lipstick. It dries down completely and it lasts a long time. Oh, and it’s also quite comfortable to wear. I pulled this out on the odd days I did a full face of makeup because it’s easy to pair with anything. No matter how dramatic you decide to go with your look.

MAC Velvet Teddy | kiss approved

I brought back a total classic this week. Velvet Teddy is the only rosy nude that I enjoy wearing because it’s very easy to throw on. I pulled this out on a day I didn’t really have time to think about what was going on my lips.

This is your classic bullet lipstick. No super long-lasting properties but very comfortable to wear. It’s said to be matte but I like to think it’s satin because it does add a bit of dimension to the lips. If you’re unsure of what lip product to wear on Valentine’s Day, I would recommend this one 100%.

And that’s what my week looked like in lip products! What did your week in lipsticks look like?

Thank you so much for reading!

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Isa ❤


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