Your Easy Guide to Neon Makeup

If you’re remotely interested in makeup or fashion, it’s no news that neon is everywhere right now. It’s one of the biggest trends of the season and one of my personal favorites. Especially for makeup looks.

I’ve been seeing a lot of amazing neon makeup looks on my socials recently which lead me to look into the products that were used for said looks.

Surprisingly not many brands jumped on this trend but I was able to find a few great brands that did not disappoint. I found quite a few interesting neon makeup products that range from affordable to high end.

And of course I’ve put them all together in one post for your convenience. What else is there to do?

So if you’re digging the neon trend and need some easy to use products, keep on reading!

The Products

Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions Palettes

I spoke about one of these on my last post but I obviously had to feature them again. They were made for this trend!

Huda Beauty came out with three different palettes with different color schemes and they’re all neon. I love that she included shades that are complimentary to the neon colors because that makes it easier to create intricate looks. But I also love the simplicity of running one of the neon shades all over the eye and calling it a day.

Overall, great palettes for a great trend.

NYX Vivid Brights Liners

If you’re just looking to experiment with the trend and aren’t sure if it’s gonna work for you, these liners will suit you best. They’re fun for an easy pop of neon and you can manipulate them to look as subtle or as flashy as you want.

These liners have been out for quite a long time. But they’re affordable and they work for this trend. So they’re basically perfect.

Plus they come in many different colors so you can pick and choose the ones that you like the most and really customize the trend.

Suva Beauty HydraFx Liners

Suva Beauty is another brand that has had neon products in their collection for years. And they just became extremely relevant!

These are basically water activated liners that also work as body paint so you can really get creative with them. They have a lot of shades, some of which are neon and glow in the dark. So fun!

They also recently brought out some more neon shades for the summer and they look amazing. These liners are one of the best products if you want to fully incorporate this trend into your routine.

Colourpop Neon Lights Collection

I truly couldn’t help myself when I saw this and I had to include the whole collection. But hey, all the products in it are super affordable.

Colourpop is dubbed as the brand that never sleeps for a reason. This is exactly it. They brought out a whole collection of neon products because neon is trending. And if you’re in the mood to experiment with the trend, you have a lot of products to choose from.

You can go for liners, or shadows, or even lip products! Everything in this collection is really neon and really fun. It’s up to you to choose what you want to try. Obviously you don’t have to buy the whole collection, just pick what you want most and live out your neon dreams.

And that’s the roundup of all the neon products I found most approachable and easy to use. If there are any other products you think I should add to this list, please let me know.

I hope this post was helpful and I hope it inspired you to play with some color. I can’t wait to see everyone rocking their neon looks this summer!

Thank you so much for reading!

Lots of love,

Isa ❤

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