The 4 Best Fall Trends

Top 4 Fall Beauty Trends of 2018

I am fully immersed in the fall season so it’s only fitting that my makeup comes with me and transforms into everything that is fall.

There’s a lot of beauty inspiration to gather from runway shows and that’s exactly what I’m doing for this post. I’m collecting the most wearable fall trends from the runway and sharing them with you guys!

Now, I know that fall trends are always kind of the same but I find that there’s a new element to them each year. What do you think? Are fall trends always the same or do they change every year?

Statement Lips

Statement lips are always a fall staple. And according to the runway, this year you can wear them in many different ways. You can do a classic red or something more vampy. You can go super bright and colorful and you can even go the metallic route if you’re into that.

The 4 Best Fall TrendsThe 4 Best Fall Trends

There are also many ways you can wear them. There’s the classic matte, of course, or you can do a super glossy lip as well. If you wanna try a new look you can blur the edges of your lipstick out to make it look a bit more ‘natural’.

The 4 Best Fall Trends The 4 Best Fall Trends

I always love this trend but especially this year because it’s not as structured as it once was. You can experiment with color and finishes and you’re still on trend!

Extremely Natural Skin

We’ve been through the whole ‘no-makeup makeup’ thing but this trend focuses on extremely natural skin. From what I gathered this trend is about applying as little as possible to your face. And I don’t mean products that look like nothing, I mean the least amount of product possible.

albino-bks-m-rf18-6276   The 4 Best Fall Trends

This trend is all about slightly enhancing your features so it’s not about going too matte or too dewy. It’s about finding the perfect balance. Blemishes and freckles are encouraged to show through and you can add the tiniest bit of dimension with some contour and highlight to make your skin look like it’s naturally perfect.

missoni-bks-g-rf18-0133   The 4 Best Fall Trends

This trend is all about letting your natural skin shine through and embracing your imperfections. I’m all for it!

Colorful Eye Looks

As opposed to the last trend, the eyes are not meant to be natural at all. This season it’s all about color and crazy looks on the eyes and I think that’s really fun. All the focus is on the eyes so if you’re an eyeshadow lover then this trend is for you.

dior-bks-v-rf18-7325   The 4 Best Fall Trends

What I love about this trend is that you can apply color subtly or go full-out. If you want a more subtle look you can play with pastels and just add a light wash to your lids or you could go in with colored mascara for an easy look.

dior-bks-v-rf18-7294   The 4 Best Fall Trends

If you want to go full-out you can do a super intricate eye look with a bunch of colors or add a crazy graphic liner to create something really unique on your lids. It’s all about fitting the trend to your style of makeup and I like the fact that you have the option to customize it.

A Touch Of Glitter

Glitter is trendy! And I know there are a lot of people who aren’t into glitter but I promise this trend is super easy to recreate and you won’t get glitter everywhere.

milly-bks-v-rf18-8061-1518544028    The 4 Best Fall Trends

This trend is all about adding a touch of glitter onto the eyes. You can either concentrate it all in one area or defuse it like you would an eyeshadow. It’s not about packing as much glitter as you can on your eyes, it’s about incorporating something a bit more reflective into your looks.

de-la-renta-bks-g-rf18-6511-1518724776The 4 Best Fall Trends

You can go for the glitter look by itself or you can mix it with a bit of eyeshadow. You don’t have to be precise with your placement and it doesn’t have to look crazy. Just have fun with it! I do recommend you use ‘neutral’ glitter colors to make it easier to incorporate into your everyday looks. All hail the glitter gods!

And that’s my take on the 4 best, most wearable trends of the season! What are your favorite fall trends? Are you gonna be incorporating them into your looks? I’d love to know 🙂

Thank you so much for tuning in!

Lots of love,

Isa ❤

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