Glossier Cloud Paint Review & Swatches

The Most Amazing Blushes On The Planet | Glossier Cloud Paints Review & Swatches

I have never been a blush girl but this year something changed in me. It’s kind of like a switch went off and suddenly I became obsessed with blush. And I don’t plan on ever stopping.

And that is where Cloud Paints come in. Glossier has become a huge brand in the past year or so and I’m a really big fan of most of their products. I picked up two Cloud Paints when I was living in New York because everyone was raving about them.

Turns out this product is totally rave worthy! 

I don’t even know where to start with these! Cloud Paints are the most unique blush I’ve ever put on my face. I have the shades Dusk and Beam. The formula of these is very lightweight and it has a gel-like consistency. It feels like nothing on the cheeks but the pigmentation is out of this world. You only need the tiniest bit of product to cover both of your cheeks so I recommend you don’t squeeze out too much product or you’ll waste it.

They also blend like a dream! The best tool to blend them with, is definitely your fingers. They disperse the product evenly and precisely. I love the fact that these are buildable. Since the formula is so lightweight, they don’t get goopy or crumbly when you build them up. They just become more intense but they still look natural. I’ve also experimented with applying these on top of powder and I had no issue.

But my number one favorite thing about these is their longevity. Most blushes disappear on me after a few hours but these don’t. Cloud Paints last all day on my cheeks and they don’t move or slide around throughout the day. They’re the perfect blush.

These retail for $18 and you get 0.33 Fl. Oz. of product inside the tube. I think this is a pretty reasonable price for the amount of product you get. You can get these online or visit one of the few Glossier Showrooms around the world.

Glossier Cloud Paint Review & Swatches

The packaging is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. They come in these little paint tubes and they’re tiny so they’re perfect to chuck in your purse. They have 6 beautifully, unique colors that can work for everyone, no matter your skin tone.

The only thing I don’t like about this product is that it can explode if you travel with it. It happened with one of my tubes but I was able to salvage it. It obviously doesn’t happen to everyone but it’s important to keep that in mind.

Well, I’m ready to expand my Cloud Paint collection! What about you? Are you as obsessed with them as I am? What’s your favorite shade?

Thank you all so much for reading!

Lots of love,

Isa ❤


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