Innisfree Intense UV Protection Cream Triple Care Sunscreen | Review

We’ve all heard about how important sunscreen is again and again. That’s because it’s true. SPF is a must in everybody’s routine, no matter the weather.

For the longest time I was using the Glossier sunscreen but I ran out so I decided to try out a different one. And that’s how I came across the Innisfree sunscreen. I visited their store while I was in New York and I was intrigued, so I bought it. Now, this is a fairly new brand to me so I didn’t know if I was gonna enjoy this product. Surprisingly, I did!

The formula of this sunscreen is quite different from any other sunscreen I’ve ever used and I love it! It’s quite thick and it’s kind of like a grayish color yet it’s really easy to blend out. It absorbs very quickly into the skin and it is not greasy at all. When you first apply it, it does leave a white cast but it goes away in seconds.

I have combination skin and this product works perfectly because it doesn’t dry out my face but it doesn’t make it oily either. That leads me to believe this would be perfect on any skin type.

Innisfree Intense UV Protection Cream Sunscreen Review

I also love to wear this under makeup because it doesn’t alter what I apply on top since it doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind.

This retails for $16 and you get 1.69 Fl. Oz. of product. The packaging is quite cute in my opinion and it’s very practical to carry around everywhere you go. You can get it online or at any Innisfree store.

Innisfree Intense UV Protection Cream Sunscreen Review

I think this product is quite affordable and for the amount you get, it really is a great price. If you’re on the hunt of a new sunscreen that works under makeup and doesn’t leave a white cast, I think you’ve found the one.

What do you think? Have you tried any Innisfree products out? Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you all so much for reading!

See ya’ next week,

Isa ❤

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