Drugstore Beauty for Summer

The Perfect Drugstore Beauty Buys For Summer

Even though it’s August and the end of summer is nearing, the heat is still going strong. In most places anyways. If you’ve been here for a while, you know summer is my favorite season because of all the amazing beauty launches and the weather of course.

This year many drugstore brands have come out with a lot of new and exciting launches! And while I was browsing around, like one does, I found some interesting product that I think are perfect for summer. 

The only thing I don’t particularly like about summer, is the fact that makeup melts off my face rather quickly. For that reason I’m always on the hunt of lightweight and oil-controlling products this time around. I also love glowy/metallic products for a fresher look with a bit of edge.

The fact that I can find amazing products that meet my needs at an affordable price is just a bonus.

Drugstore Beauty for Summer

1. Elf Cosmetics Sunkissed Booster Drops $10 | These are a cheaper version of those face tanning drops that have been super popular lately. They promise a sun-kissed healthy glow and a subtle tan that lasts up to 3 days. You can use these by themselves or mix them with your foundation or moisturizer for a less dramatic effect. Perfect to achieve a tan face without all the sun damage.

2. NYX Makeup Foil Play Cream Eyeshadow $6 | NYX just came out with these foiled shadows and they’re a dupe of those old-school Stila ones that were popular a few years back. They have that same wet formula and they are very intense and pigmented. These are perfect for a 1 shadow look and they’ll glisten beautifully under the summer sun.

3. L’Oreal Havana x Camila Cabello Sun-Lit Liquid Bronzer $14.99 | I’m not the biggest fan of Camila Cabello (just saying) but this colab is perfect for the summertime. It’s meant to be a shimmery bronzer but depending on your skin tone this could also be a liquid highlighter. They come in two shades and you can use them alone or mixed in with your foundation for an all over glowy effect. The best product to get that lit-from-within look.

4. Maybelline Lip Studio Glitter Fix Lip Gloss $8.99 | Maybelline always does incredible lip products and these are no exception. These high impact glitter glosses can be applied on bare lips or on top of another lip product. They’re also very comfortable to wear and I think they look really fun for an easy summer look.

5. Milani Instant Touch-Up Blur Stick $12 | This is a versatile product that is a must for the hot summer months. This blur stick absorbs oils, blurs imperfections and it can be worn on top of makeup or as a primer. It’s a very easy product to reapply throughout the day. Especially if you don’t feel like carrying around a powder to touch up every time you start to get shiny. 

6. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sunscreen SPF 50 $12.49 | Last but not least, the most important beauty item to have all year round: sunscreen. There are a lot of drugstore sunscreens but they’re not exactly the greatest to put on our face. This one is by far my favorite because it feels lightweight, refreshing and it’s oil-free. On top of that it moisturizes your skin for up to 8 hours and it wears well under makeup. The perfect sunscreen for a beauty lover like me! 

Which other products from the drugstore would you add to the list? 

Thank you so much for reading!

See you next week,

Isa ❤


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