The Best Beauty Shops in NYC | Il Makiage

Best Beauty Shops in NYC | Il Makiage

As of last week, I am officially back in Guatemala. I’m happy to be back but I’ll miss NYC a lot. But before I left I made sure to explore one more beauty shop for this series. Catch up here, here and here.

This week we’re talking about Il Makiage. This brand hasn’t been around for long, which is why not a lot of people know of it. This brand is all about makeup for maximalists and I am all for it! 

They recently opened their first ever pop-up shop (490 Broadway, New York) and it’s only gonna be open for a limited amount of time. It’s located right in the middle of soho which makes it a very tourist friendly shop. If you’re in the area and feel like checking it out, do it while you still have the chance!

They only have this one pop-up shop but you can still shop online. And if you’re not from the US, don’t worry, they have worldwide shipping.

The inside of the store is very chic and modern, almost a bit futuristic. Everything is black & white and very well-lit, which is important when we’re shopping for makeup.

They have a full range of high quality products and everything in their line is $25 and up. It’s not an affordable brand but the price definitely reflects the quality of the products.

Since their whole thing is ‘makeup for maximalists’ they have a lot highly pigmented and intense products. They have full coverage foundations and concealers, amazing cheek products and highly pigmented shadows and lipsticks. My favorite product was definitely the shadows though.

If you love playing with colors and experimenting with new products, give Il Makiage a try! I’d also recommend it to MUA’s looking to try some new and high quality for their kit.

Or, if you’re a regular beauty lover like me, go check Il Makiage out and try something new and exciting!




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