Milk Makeup Matte Baked Bronzer

Milk Makeup Matte Baked Bronzer | Review

If you follow me on my other socials -which you should- then you already know just how much of a bronzer junkie I am. I don’t know why but there’s just something about bronzer that makes me want to smother it all over my face.

Recently, I started experimenting with cream bronzer and I came across the Milk Makeup Baked Bronzer. Again, if you follow me on Instagram or Youtube, you know that I’m in a committed relationship with this product. 

I was never really into cream bronzers until I tried this one. I’d heard great things about it but I never felt the need to go out and buy it. And then, I got a mini size and I fell in love. Seriously.

The packaging, like all Milk Makeup packaging, is very clean and functional. It’s a stick which makes it easy to apply without making a mess. There are two shades to choose from and while I think they work for a lot of different skin tones, they could expand the shade range.

Milk Makeup Matte Baked Bronzer

The formula of this bronzer is completely unique. It’s formulated with mango butter, avocado oil (maybe that’s why I love it so much) and a lot of other good ingredients. It is very easy to blend and I find that it gives a healthy look to the skin. It does dry down matte but it doesn’t feel that way when it’s on. The color is a perfect mix of warm and cool which makes it perfect to use as a bronzer/contour product.

My favorite thing about this bronzer is that it stays all day long! It doesn’t move around throughout the day like other cream bronzers do. I don’t even need to set it.

There is 1 oz. of product inside and the bronzer retails for $24. For the amount of product inside and the quality of it, I think it’s fairly priced.

If you’ve been wanting to give this bronzer a go, what are you waiting for? It’s raved about for a reason! Go buy it, fall in love with it and never look back.

Have you guys tried this bronzer yet? Are you as obsessed with it or is it just me?

Thank you all so much for reading!

Lots of love,

Isa ❤


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