New In Beauty | My Spring Makeup Wish List 2018

It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring! Ok, so maybe it’s still freezing but it is slowly starting to feel like Spring. At least in Guatemala it is.

One of my favorite parts of this upcoming season, is all the new makeup launches. I can’t help it, ok? I’m a total beauty addict! Unfortunately I don’t have a money tree so I can’t actually buy all the new stuff. Instead, I like to create makeup wish lists to narrow down the products I really like and hopefully buy them someday.

If you wanna know what my Spring selection is, don’t go anywhere! 


1. Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Youthful-Look 24H Foundation SPF 25 | There have been a lot of mixed reviews about this foundation but I’d like to try it for myself and see how it works on my skin. I’m really into all of the benefits it promises to give you and I’m really digging the packaging.

2. Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer | I’ve heard a lot of people compare this one to Tarte Shape Tape and I’m dying to try it out for myself. I haven’t really heard a lot of reviews but it looks like a really great concealer to add to my collection.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter | This highlighter looks incredible! I love the color, the formula and the fact that it was created by Amrezy. Everybody is raving about this highlight and I really want it.

4. Grande Cosmetics Hydrating Liquid Lipstick | I am a total Grande Cosmetics fan and when I heard that they had liquid lippies I knew I had to add them to my wish list. I have ultra dry lips and I think a formula like this one would do wonders on them.

5. Glossier Lidstar | The newest launch from Glossier already has my heart. I absolutely adore glossier and everything they stand for, so when I saw that they were launching creme eyeshadows, I was over the moon! I love all the colors and the formula looks amazing as well.

6. Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette | I already have the Naked Heat palette so technically speaking I don’t really need this one. But I want it so bad! The gorgeous warm tones are right up my alley and the tiny packaging is just perfect for traveling. I love everything about this product and I think I’m gonna have it in my hands reaaaal soon.

Anyways, those are all the new Spring launches I’m lusting over. Have you guys tried any of these products? Let me know what you think of them! And if you have a wish list of your own, make sure to share it as well 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!

See you real soon,

Isa ❤

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