Celebrity Inspired Makeup Looks That Are Perfect For The Holidays

The holidays have officially begun and I am excited guys! I love pretty much everything about the holidays. The food, the gatherings and especially the makeup.

I love playing with different looks during this season, but when it comes to holiday parties I prefer to play it safe. I like to find a look that I know will both flatter my face and stand out at the same time.

So, for today I decided to gather some inspiration from a few celebrity makeup looks that I found on Pinterest. I picked 6 looks that I think are just perfect for this holiday season! If you wanna know what they are, just keep reading friends!2

When I saw this look, I just knew it was the perfect simple look for this season. I actually recreated this look on my YouTube channel because I loved it so much! It’s a very easy look to recreate and it looks very clean. And I love that the red lipstick is a different undertone than the classic blue-red everyone always busts out during the holidays.


If you’re into more grungy makeup, I think you’ll really like this look. I love the messy, burgundy smokey eye and I also love the fact that the whole look is monochromatic. I also think you could recreate this look with a few different colors. This is definitely a more intricate look but it’s gorgeous.


If you don’t like to wear makeup but you don’t want to be bare-faced at your holiday parties, this look is perfect for you! There’s very minimal face and eye makeup and you don’t even have to wear lipstick! I love that pop on the inner corner, cause it makes the world of a difference but it’s literally the easiest thing to do ever!


Lupita screams holiday with this look. I’m obsessed with it cause it incorporates more color than the other looks but it is just as wearable. I love the shimmery green winged liner paired with the sparkly red lips and I love how the skin is very clean and simple to balance the look out. If you’re in a more creative holiday mood I think you might really enjoy this look.


This is another very simple look but I love what’s going on with the blush. Normally I’m not a fan of blush but I think in this case it makes the whole look. I love the simplicity of the eye makeup and I love how there’s minimal makeup on the face to really make that blush pop. And, of course, the bold lips complete the look.


And let’s not forget about beautiful vampy, burgundy lips! For this look the whole focus is on the lips and I love that! The eyes and the face are pretty simple and clean and then the lips add that wow-factor. If you don’t want a super heavy look then this is a great option for you.

And those were all the looks guys! I’d love to know what other celeb looks have inspired you, so make sure to let me know in the comment section 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!

Lots of love,

Isa ❤


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