Travel Time: Lisbon, Portugal

Hey, ho! Welcome back!

Today I’m sharing the last bits of my trip to Europe in August. And I’m not traveling for the rest of the year so this will be the last travel diary in a while. *Cue the tears*

Anyways, today’s post is all about the wonder and charm that is Lisbon, Portugal. Come check it out! 

This was my first time being in Portugal and I loved it. The culture is amazing, their accent is beautiful and the food is delicious. What more could you ask for?

I spent 5 days in Lisbon and I did a lot of exploring. And instead of sharing every single thing I did, I wanna talk to you about my three favorite experiences.

1. Tuk-tuk Rides

On my last day in Lisbon I took a tuk-tuk tour and it was awesome. Lisbon is big and it has many, many hills. So it’s impossible to explore the whole city walking, unless you’re insanely fit (which I’m not).

The tour was a really fun way to explore and learn about new areas of the city fairly fast. It’s a very versatile tour because you can stop at various places to take pictures or enjoy the views whenever you wish to. You can also use the tuk-tuks as transportation to get you where you need to be which is also really fun .


2. Big Red Bus Tour

I know, I know. This is a very touristy thing to do and I know not everyone loves it, but hear me out. As I previously mentioned, walking the streets of Lisbon is a real workout so it can get hard to explore.

I love these buses because they’re really comfy, you learn a lot and you can get down at any stop. It’s kinda fool proof. It’s also a cheap way to get you to wherever you want to go with a tour included. And also if you’re exhausted from your previous adventures, this is a great way to do something without doing anything.

3. Bairro Alto

I know I’ve been talking about walking as little as possible, but the reality is, I do love to walk around new places. I think the key to exploring Lisbon by foot is to find a neighborhood and stick to it.

My hotel was located in the Bairro Alto and it was a lovely area to explore! There were a ton of shops, restaurants and gorgeous plazas to walk around and it was awesome. Portuguese architecture is beautiful and a lot of the buildings were covered in the most amazing tiles. It was very relaxing to walk around the streets of Lisbon and I highly recommend it.

Have you guys ever been to Portugal? Make sure to let me know what your favorite experience was, in the comment section!

Thank you guys so much for reading!

Lots of love,

Isa ❤

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