Lush Makeup | Review & Swatches

Lush has been blessing the beauty community for years. And while I’ve tried many of their products, I realized I’ve never tried their makeup out before.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a Lush store in Bilbao and I decided to buy some of their makeup to try out. And today I’m here to let you guys what I think about it! 

Now, I didn’t have the highest expectations when it came to Lush’s makeup. They don’t have the biggest selection of products and I haven’t heard many people talk about them. So I only bought three products. A foundation, a highlighter and makeup remover.

Dark Yellow Colour Supplement aka. Foundation

This product is supposed to be something you can mix in with other foundations/moisturizers for a lighter coverage or use on it’s own to get a ‘perfect coverage’.


I did not find that to be the case at all. The foundation is sheer no matter how you use it. And while it doesn’t cover up any imperfections I did find it evens out the skin tone nicely. It makes the skin look really healthy but for my combination skin, it was a bit too dewy.

If you’re looking for something extremely sheer this could be a good product for you.

Feeling Younger Illuminating Base aka. Highlight

This is a beautiful white-gold reflecting highlighter. If you have a deeper complexion this will be too light for you, but they do have a full on gold shade that will suit you better. You can mix this in with your moisturizer/foundation or you can use it as a normal liquid highlight.


Out of the three products that I got this one is my favorite. I love the look it gave me when I mixed it in with foundation and I also loved how it looks as a highlighter. It is a buildable product and you can apply it on top of power without a problem.

The only con about this is that it is a very glittery highlight and it will get all over your face as the day goes by. So, if you’re not into glittery highlighter then steer clear of this product.

Ultrabland aka. Makeup Remover

This is a bees wax based makeup remover and it is very unique. You’re supposed to apply it and rub it all over your face and clean it up with a wet cloth to get rid of the residue.


I have to admit this is an amazing makeup remover. It breaks down all the makeup on my face and it leaves it completely free of makeup. I do find that it leaves a slight waxy residue, but it absorbs very quickly.

I will say one thing though. Do not use this on your eye area. It’s way to heavy and while it does remove the makeup it feels uncomfortable and irritating. Also I lost a few eyelashes and eyebrows in the process and that is not cool.

Overall I think Lush makeup is good. If you’re someone who loves natural products on your skin then these will definitely suit you. If you love full glam, these products might not be for you.

Have you tried any Lush makeup? What do you think about it?

Thank you all so much for reading!

Lots of love,

Isa ❤

P.S. This is the second time I’m making this blog post cause it got deleted. Talk about frustrating!



  1. the0second0sunrise

    LUSH is branching out with their makeup now. So far just looks like the naked foundation and lipstick is only sold in the UK but hopefully if those runs are successful we’ll get them in the US!
    I’m excited about LUSH makeup because they look into ethics that most brands don’t. Like did you know they’re doing synthetic mica to avoid the human rights abuses and child labor associated with mica mining?
    I have Ultrabland and do find it effective, but ever since buying the Face Halo microfiber rounds I just prefer those.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Making It up

      I didn’t know that! And I admire Lush for all they do for different communities. I’ve also started using reusable rounds to remove my makeup and they’re the best!


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