Glossier | A Brand to Follow

Today’s post is another Brand to Follow post. This week we’re covering one of the coolest brands out there: Glossier. I love this brand cause their beauty products are very simple but yet they’re super edgy. I’m in love with the whole branding of the products and I can’t wait to try them out. 

I don’t own any Glossier products but I’m dying to put them on my face. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about glossier and I’ve come to the conclusion that this brand isn’t for everyone. Their product are meant to enhance your natural beauty and give you an editorial look. If you want that full coverage Instagram look then their products won’t work for you.

Glossier is a high quality brand, and their prices reflect that. Their products aren’t super high end, but they’re not cheap either. In my opinion the products are fairly priced for the quality of the products and the amount you get.

They have a variety of products ranging from skin care to makeup. The packaging for everything is to die for and I absolutely love the concept of the brand. Below are some of the products that I want to try ASAP. all about glossier

1. Balm Dotcom.  2. Boy Brow.  3. Milky Jelly Cleanser.  4. Invisible Shield SPF 35.  5. Generation G.  6. Cloud Paint.

Those are the Glossier products that I’ve been dying to try! If you have any recommendations for me, make sure to let me know in the comment section.

Thank you all so much for tuning in!

See ya next week,

Isa ❤


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