Violet Voss “The Perfect Weapon” Silicone Gel Applicator | Review

Hello, hello!

Today we’re talking about the whole silicone makeup blender trend. When I found out about it a few months ago I was very hesitant to try them because the Beauty Blender is my ultimate fave. But I decided to give it a try anyways just to see how they compare. If you want to know my thoughts, keep reading. 

I got my silicone sponge from Ricky’s NYC but the brand is actually Violet Voss. It was $9 and I believe there are a few different styles and colors you can choose from. Mine’s shaped like an egg and it has a small dent for your thumb.

The way you use this product is by dragging the foundation on your face to blend it. It’s very bizarre but it works. The way I found works best is to drag the product first and then pounce on the skin to give a more blended finish.

I liked the finish it gave my foundation. My face looked really smooth and even and the coverage didn’t change. The biggest pro, in my opinion,  is that it doesn’t absorb all the product. I love the Beauty Blender but it absorbs a lot of foundation and you end up using more product than what you actually need.

On the other hand, this does not work for concealer at all! I tried it and it made my under eyes look like a hot mess. The product applied patchy and it didn’t blend well at all. I’d stick with a brush or a Beauty Blender for concealer.

This is a more sanitary option cause bacteria can’t harbor in it. It’s very easy to clean and sanitize. If you’re someone with that struggles with acne I’d recommend this product cause it won’t spread bacteria around your face whenever you use it.

Overall I like it and I think it’s a very innovative product. However, it does not beat the Beauty Blender. It’s obviously cheaper and doesn’t waste as much product, but in my opinion it doesn’t give the flawless finish that the BB gives. I’d probably rate it a 6/10.

Have you guys tried these? Let me know what you think of them in the comment section.

Thank you so much for tuning in today!

Lots of love,

Isa ❤



  1. ivefoundwaldo

    I love reading reviews on this product. Everyone’s given these mixed reviews, but the end result is that they wouldn’t give up their brush or beauty blender. Even though it’s a good product, the fact that no one would give up what they are currently using says a lot! It’s something that I’ve been wanting to use, but probably never will xxx

    Melina |

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