Back 2 Basics| Bronzer

Hey guys!

In today’s post we’re gonna be talking about bronzer. *Cue excitement* Bronzers are one of my favorite makeup items and they honestly make such a difference in your makeup application. But for today I want to go back to the basics of bronzing cause I’ve seen a lot of confusion with bronzing and contouring. They are not the same thing. So today we’re gonna break it down and we’re gonna go back 2 basics. 

Bronzer essentially is used to add color to the face, and like the name suggests, bronze it. Bronzer usually comes in warmer undertones because it’s supposed to make your face look tan, but the trick is finding the shade that works for your specific skin tone.

You’re supposed to apply bronzer to the areas of your face in which the sun naturally hits. Those areas are the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. They also come in different formulas and finishes. There are powders, creams and liquid bronzers and there is matte, satin and even shimmer bronzers. There’s something for everyone.


Now, contouring is a completely different thing. It’s quite similar to bronzer but it serves a different function on your face. That’s probably why people confuse the two all the time.

Contouring is used to shade your face and add structure to it. There are many ways to contour your face and it is a very personalized process. But, for the most part, people contour to slim their face down and change certain features they don’t particularly like.

Normally contour powders are a lot more cool tone, sort of like a greyish color, and they’re matte. You can also find them in different formulas like powder, cream and even stick form.


Bronzer is used to warm the skin up and make you look tanner. Contour is made to add structure to your face creating shadows. Normally I recommend that you don’t use bronzer to contour and vice versa. If you use warm tones to contour you won’t create a shadow on your face. It will just look like a muddy mess. If you use a contour product to bronze it won’t make you look tan, you’ll only look sickly. There are some products that can be used as both, but that depends on your skin tone. You just have to find what works for you.

So to recap, bronzer and contour are not the same. They serve completely different functions on your face.

And that’s it for today guys! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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Thank you all so much for reading!

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