Is Concealer Really Worth It?

Today I’m gonna talk about concealer because I looooove concealer, and I think  it’s important. There are a lot of people who overlook concealer and today I’m here to share with you why I think you shouldn’t overlook it.

So if you’re as obsessed with concealer as I am, or if you want to know why you should be using concealer whenever you do your makeup, stay tuned! 

dsc_0644Concealer is used to cover whatever your foundation doesn’t. I know it’s made specifically for the eyes but you can use it as so much more than that. You got a couple of blemishes on your face, conceal. You got redness around your nose, conceal. But the most important function of concealer is to conceal your dark circles. Because most of the time your foundation won’t to that for you.

If you ever feel like you’ve done your makeup but something isn’t right, it’s probably because you didn’t use concealer under the eyes. Concealer helps to brighten and lift your  complexion, making you look healthy and awake. Concealer can make your face look flawless if applied correctly. Concealer is one of the best makeup investments ever.

Now, that said, there is also something else that I want to discuss and that is correctors. We tend to confuse concealers and correctors so I’m gonna make your life so much easier and tell you the difference.



As I’ve mentioned before concealer helps conceal the dark circles under your eyes and hide blemishes as well. Often times we use a concealer a shade lighter than our skin so that it doesn’t only conceal but also brightens and shapes our faces. There are a ton of ways to apply concealer, but you can find what works best for you. My favorite method is a combination of brushes and a beauty blender. And, of course, never forget to set whatever you apply onto your skin with a powder.

But what happens when you conceal but the darkness still shows through? Let’s move on to correctors.



Corrector works as a base for concealer or foundation. Basically what it does is correct the pigmentation on your skin so that the concealer blends better and the discoloration on your skin doesn’t show through.

There are a ton of different corrector colors that work for different things. Pink and lavender help brighten up the complexion. Green helps to diminish the look of red on the skin. And my absolute favorite, orange, helps to correct the dark blue and purple hues under the eyes.

Corrector isn’t necessary, but it’s an extra step you can take if you want to make your skin look more even and flawless.

What do you guys think about this concealer/corrector thing? Do you conceal every time you do your makeup? Make sure to let me know!

Thanks so much for reading!

Lots of love,

Isa ❤



  1. contemplatingstyle

    I never use concealer around the eyes, even if I want to cover something there I use the lightest CC cream I can find. I just don’t like putting anything that heavy on the very sesitive skin around the eyes. But I do use it to cover blemishes every now and then.

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