Best Holiday Reds | Bite Beauty, Elf, etc.

Red is the color of the holidays, and I don’t care what anybody says, red lipstick is a staple for the holiday season. There are so many variations of reds and so many different formulas, it can become a bit of a drag to look for the perfect holiday red. But do not fear, I’m here with a few different options that can work for everyone.

If you want to know what these options are, make sure to keep reading.

Dose Of Colors Liquid Lipstick ‘Merlot’ 

This red is great for the holidays because you’re obviously gonna be eating and drinking a lot. The liquid lip formula is very comfy and it isn’t drying, but it still lasts a long time and you don’t have to worry about reapplying.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lip ‘Tannin’

If your lips get really dry during the winter and they look super crusty, this is the lipstick for you. The formula is very buttery and moisturizing and it does tend to last a pretty long time on the lips. Also the ingredients are 100% eatable which is nice to know when you’re eating so much of it.

Elf Cosmetics Lipstick ‘Rich Red’

ect affordable red. It’s not super intense, which is nice because you can go for a soft look or build it up and get a bolder look. This is also in pencil form so it makes it so easy to apply and retouch it without getting it everywhere.

Colourpop Lippie Stix ‘Bossy’ 

Colourpop is another affordable option but it isn’t as accessible. This is an amazing red because it’s very neutral, not too warm, not too cool. It’s also matte but it isn’t drying and it can be quite long wearing. (Please excuse the packaging, it has been very loved.)

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor ‘Romance’

This holiday red is a bit different from the other ones because it’s a bit deeper and a bit more burgundy. I love it because it’s not the conventional red but it works just as well. The formula of these is also very nice because it’s long-lasting but it doesn’t dry completely matte, making it much more comfortable on the lips.

*Bonus* Niyo&Co Lip Laquer Gloss ’05’

I wanted to include this gloss as a bonus because it’s the perfect lip topper when it comes to red lips. You can use any shimmery gloss you own but what I love about this is that you can add it on top of your lipstick to give the holiday red a much-needed twist. Plus it looks great in pictures.

And those were all my suggestions guys! Are there any more holiday red lipsticks you recommend? If so, make sure to let me know.

Thank you all for watching!

Lots of love,

Isa ❤


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