Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Vs. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

Hey guys! Today’s post is kind of a break from all the holiday madness and it’s also a continuation to my ‘Vs.’ series. You can check out the first installment to the series right here.

The Too Faced Chocolate and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palettes are two of the most talked about palettes on social media. They’re both amazing products, but the truth is, we don’t actually need both. So then how is it possible to choose between the two? If you keep reading you’re bound to find out. 


Let me start off by saying that they’re both amazing palettes and they’re totally worth it for me. But they’re different from each other and what might work for me might not work for everyone. They’re $49 each, so the price doesn’t change and they both contain the same amount of product. What changes is what’s inside.

Chocolate Bar Palette 

Since this was the first one to come out, it was the first one that I bought and I honestly fell in love immediately! The colors are right up my alley and there are enough mattes and shimmers to create countless looks. The shadows are great quality and they work great on the eyes. When I got this palette the names of the shadows were still on a plastic sheet and I lost it, so I don’t know the names of them and that really bothers me. But other than that I love the packaging and I love the whole chocolate concept.

I’d recommend this palette to someone with warmer undertones because there are a bunch of shades in this palette for you. Also if you’re just a beginner and you want a palette that can work for many different things I think this one is a great choice.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar

When this first came out I wasn’t sure if it was gonna be as good as the original one, so I was hesitant to get it. This is actually my mom’s but I’ve used it a lot to see how they compare. The colors on this one are different and they seem to be a lot cooler. This palette also has a great matte to shimmer ratio and a black which is super important for me. They’re less pigmented when you swatch them but they’re build-able. This palette does include the names of the shadows in the packaging, which I love, and I also love how it’s the same as the other palette but in a different color.

I’d recommend this palette to those of you who like cooler toned eyeshadows and smokey eyes, since the palette comes with a lot of shadows that work perfectly for that. If you’re a beginner I wouldn’t recommend this one as much because the colors can be trickier to work with.

What do you guys think about these palettes? Which one do you like better? Make sure to let me know in the comment section, as always.

Thank you so much for reading!

Love you,

Isa ❤


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