The Best colors to Wear During the Fall

Yesterday was officially the first day of Fall, and to celebrate I decided to start my fall posts for the blog. This first one is all about my favorite colors to wear during the fall. Being exposed to different colors can lead to new color combinations in clothes and makeup, of course.

So, if you guys wanna know what the best colors to wear for fall are, make sure to keep reading. 

I’m not the best at describing colors so bare with me. And just an fyi, most of the colors that I’m gonna be showing you are warm tones. Now, on to the colors.


This first color is like a mandarin color but a little bit less dark and more wearable. It’s more of a classic fall color and it is super easy to pair with.


This color is a bit different because even though it’s a brown, it’s a lot more cool toned than most browns we wear for fall. I like it because it adds a bit of edge to your fall look without it being completely different from what’s normal.


I have been loving this look all year round to be honest, but something about it makes me want to wear it during fall. It’s not the easiest color to wear but it’s perfect for adding a pop of color here and there.


Ahh burgundy! There are many variations of this color and I adore them all. It’s a super easy color to wear and you can pair it with pretty much anything. When it comes to makeup a burgundy smokey eye is one of my faves to wear.


Dusty rose is a great color for fall because it adds color to your look without it being too scandalous. I personally love wearing dusty rose accessories and I love nail polish in this color too.


I’m not sure how I would describe this color but if I had to, it would be something like soft coral. Again a beautiful warm tone and a simple way to add color to your looks. I love wearing lipsticks that are this color!


Olive green is one of the most conventional colors to wear during the fall, and this color is a lighter version of it. It’s another color that’s easy to combine and olive liner is a great substitute for black and brown.


Another difficult color to describe, but I’ll call it dirty peach-y coral. I love wearing this color mostly in my makeup but clothes are also a great way to make your outfit fall-y and different from what the rest are wearing.

And that is it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed and that you got some inspiration for colors to wear during the fall.

Are there any colors that you love to wear during the fall? Make sure to let me know!

Thank you so much for reading you guys!

Lots of love,

Isa ❤

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