Essential Face Brushes | The 7 Must Haves

Today’s post will be a continuation of a previous post, in which I talk about the eye brushes you need in your life.  But for today’s post, we’ll talk all about face brushes.

Face brushes are a bit less overwhelming to choose from because there are less of them. Sure there can be variations, but for the most part they remain the same. That said, more and more companies are coming out with different face brushes; and it can become confusing when it’s time to buy them.

If you want to know what my must have face brushes are, then just keep reading! 2

Even though this isn’t technically a brush, it is the most useful face tool you can have. You can use it to blend it out pretty much everything. And you don’t need to have the beauty blender, you can use whatever works for you. But the BB is the one I recommend. If you want to know more about this tool check out my post on it.


This brush can be used in so many different ways. You can use it to set your face, to apply powder foundation, to blend everything out; the possibilities are endless. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a stipple brush, but it does have to be big and fluffy.


A setting brush can sometimes be overlooked, but it’s very important. The shape and size of this brush makes it ideal for setting your under eyes.


This brush is great for adding bronzer to the face. It’s not too big or too small; it’s the perfect size to apply product and not have it be a mess.


This one can be very similar to the bronzer brush, but the shape and the way it applies product is different. The product goes on more precisely and it leaves you with a sharp yet blended contour.


A lot of people use small brushes to apply blush, and while that is ok, I think bigger brushes work better. With bigger brushes like this one, the blush goes on a lot smoother and blended out. The size of it also allows for the blush to blend with the other cheek products.


When it comes to this brush, it’s more about preference. There are a lot of people who use fan brushes for their highlight, and a lot of people who don’t. I find that by using the fan brush it is easier to build up and to blend it onto the rest of the face.

What did you guys think of the brushes? Did you like them? Would you add, or take away any of them?

Thanks so much for reading!

Lots of love,

Isa ❤


  1. beautifybrooke

    Great post! Those are definitely good brushes to have. I actually use a brush for my liquid foundation and concealer. I know most people use beauty blenders but they don’t work well for me. BUT brushes love my skin


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