Essential Eye Brushes | The 7 Must-Haves

There are a bunch of makeup brushes in the market and sometimes that can become overwhelming. Knowing which brushes to buy can be a really big hassle, but don’t you worry. Today I want to share my essential eye makeup brushes.

If you’re a beginner wondering about what to buy or simply someone who doesn’t want to spend tons of money finding the right brushes, then this post is for you! 

Most bloggers and youtubers own an insanely unnecessary amount of brushes. But guess what? You don’t need to buy all of those brushes to be able to do your makeup. If all you do is purchase these 7 brushes I’m about to show you, you’ll be slaying your eye makeup in no time.


This is a very versatile brush, since it can be used a lot of different ways. Wether you use it to set your primer, to apply your transition color, or to blend out your crease color; this is a total must have.


The difference between this one and the last one is very minimal but very significant. This brush is perfect to apply colors to your crease and blend them out greater precision. Really good for smoking out the lower lash line too.


This brush, just as the name suggests, is perfect for adding color to the lid. Its great for packing as much or as little shadow as you want onto your mobile lid. You can also use it to highlight the inner corner and the brow bone.



This brush is awesome for detailed work on the crease and outer v of the eye. It’s great for adding darker colors into the outer v and blending them in with your crease. This brush can also work when doing cut creases since it is more precise than the bigger blending brushes.


This brush is obviously perfect to line the eye. You don’t need to get this specific shape; there are a ton of other shapes that work well for this job. This brush works well with gel liners and it’s perfect for creating wings.


This brush is the best for smudging things out. Wether it be liner or shadow, this pencil brush will make smudging a lot easier. You can also use it to work shadow into your lower lash line with more precision.


This tends to be a brush that a lot of people tend to overlook, but having this brush in your collection is a great advantage. It’s perfect for detailed work such as cut creases or lower lash line work. If you have smaller eyes this can be a perfect brush to highlight your inner corner and smudge shadow on your lower lash line.

What are some of your staple eye brushes?

Thanks for watching!

Isa ❤


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