MAC Pastel Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette | Review and Swatches

 Today I have a new eyeshadow palette to review for you guys! I recently bought a ton of makeup and one of the most interesting things I bought was this MAC Pastel Times Nine eyeshadow palette, whichI’m gonna show you in this post. Usually I’m not one for MAC eyeshadows but this time I made an exception.

If you want to know what my thoughts on this palette are, then make sure to keep reading!

I think MAC shadows are totally overhyped. They’re good but they’re not the best out there. Which is why I found it strange when I was drawn to this palette. I loved the colors and I was really drawn to them when I saw them. But the selling point for me was the price. They were originally $4o and now they’re $32. That means each eyeshadow was about $3 which is not bad at all. Especially for MAC.

I got my palette at Nordstrom but you can also get it at MAC stores/counters and online.

Now, let’s talk about the eyeshadows for a while. The colors in the palette are gorgeous and they’re perfect for spring and summer. That said, I do think that you can’t do complete looks with this. I guess you can do some simple looks using only this because the colors do compliment each other, but I don’t think you can do more complicated looks with what you get in the palette.


When you swatch these eyeshadows there’s very little pigmentation. I had to go over the colors several times for them to show up on my arm. That said, I do think they perform much better on the eyes. And if you use a good base these will work very well. The matte colors are bit chalky and they do have some fallout. But for the most part they perform well on the eyes.


Do I think this palette is worth it? Yes I do. Even though the shadows aren’t the best quality, most of the colors are very unique. You can buy similar colors but I think these have the advantage of being in a palette and they go very well together. If you’re someone who doesn’t wear colors often this palette is a great way to start cause the colors are subtle and the looks are basically created for you.

I’m curious to know, have any of you guys tried this palette or any other MAC palettes like this one? If you have I want to know what you think of them. Do you love them? Do you hate them? Make sure to let me know in the comment section.

Thank you guys so much for reading!

Lots of love,




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