The 3 Best Tips to Achieve Flawless Eyeshadow

Nailing your eyeshadow can be hard, especially if you’re not the most experienced. Creating eye looks can be tricky and cumbersome at times and if you want to know how to make the process easier, look no further. Today’s post is about the tips that have helped me master the art of eyeshadow.

If you want to know what those tips are, make sure to keep reading!

Tip # 1

Set your primer!

By now most of us know that if we want to get the most out of our shadows we need some eye primer. But what a lot of people don’t do is set it. What happens when you don’t set the primer is that the lid remains tacky. Perfect for lid colors but definitely not perfect for blending. If you don’t set your primer your blending might look patchy and uneven, and a super simple process becomes impossible. So next time, before you start applying your eyeshadow make sure to set it with some loose powder or an eyeshadow that matches your skin tone. It’s as simple as that!



Tip # 2

Use a transition shade in the crease.

I used to think that this was an unnecessary step, until I tried it out. If you don’t know what a transitions shade is, let me break it down. A transition shade is an eyeshadow that you apply before you start applying your other crease shades, to help those colors blend seamlessly into your eye. If you struggle with blending, this step will make things a million times easier. It is an extra step, but it will make all the difference.

Blended eyeshadow with transition shade on top

Tip # 3

Add on as you go.

It’s easier to add than to remove. What do I mean by that? What I mean is that when we are working with eyeshadows, it’s important to start with a little amount and build onto it. If you go straight in with a ton of color it will not only be harder to blend but you might get some uneven patches. If you build up your eyeshadow little by little you’ll be able to blend easier and your eyeshadow will look fabulous, no matter how dark it is.

And those are the tips I have for you guys today. I hope that you enjoyed this post and that you were able to learn something new. Make sure to let me know how these tips work for you. And also, if you have any other useful eyeshadow tips, let me know!

Thank you guys so much for reading!

Lots of love


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