Easiest Smokey Eye Ever | Ft. Too Faced Natural Matte Palette

Hey everyone! If you’ve been on my blog before, then you might know that my last post was a Burgundy Smokey Eye. Today I wanted to do a simple version of it. Because smokey eyes are quite hard to achieve -trust me, I’ve been there- I wanted to simplify them for you guys.

If you’re in the mood to learn how to achieve the easiest smokey eye ever, then keep reading.

To make the process a whole lot easier we’re gonna use brown eyeshadows instead of black. It’s a lot easier to manage and it’s waaaay more forgiving.

To ensure that this look lasts all day, use a brown cream shadow as a base. Apply it all over the lid and be careful not to bring it up to high. Make sure to blend it out to soften the look. After that use Nudie from the Natural Matte Palette as a transition color. To deepen the crease, go in with Cashmere Bunny making sure to keep it below the transition color.


After blending everything together really well pick up Sexspresso and apply it from the lid all the way to the crease. Start with a little bit of product and build it up as you go. Make sure to keep most of the color close to the lash line on the lid and fade it out as it gets closer to the crease. Having both the transition and the crease color we placed previously, will help the colors blend seamlessly. When you’ve blended enough apply Heaven on the brow bone to highlight.


For the lower lash line we’re gonna use the same colors. Line your waterline with a brown liner and smoke it out a bit on the lower lash line. Blend Nudie and Cashmere Bunny all the way through the lower lash line. Now go in with Sexspresso and apply it closer to the lash line. Take it only about halfway to avoid getting panda eyes. After that’s done apply Heaven on the inner corners. To finish up the look apply a few coats of mascara to your lashes.


And then this look is done!


I hope you enjoyed this post and that you learned something new! Make sure to let me know which kind of posts you’d like to see me do, in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!



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