Burgundy Smokey Eye Tutorial Ft. Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

Hey Guys! Today I’m back with another makeup tutorial. I recently met up with one of my best friends -Marie André- and I did her makeup. I came up with a super simple burgundy smokey eye and I decided to take pictures of the process so that I could share it with you all. I created this look using only Makeup Geek shadows, which are some of my faves. But you all know the drill, you don’t need to have the same things I do to recreate the look.

If you want to learn how to replicate this look on your eyeballs, make sure to keep reading.

We’re gonna start off this look with a mixture of Beaches & Cream and Creme Brûlée as transition colors on our crease. You don’t have to be super precise with these colors, since they will only work as a transition for the next colors we’re putting on.

Next we’re gonna apply Petal Pusher on the upper crease. Make sure to blend well and concentrate the color on the upper crease only. Keep the color near cause we’re gonna use it later in the tutorial.


Now we’re gonna grab the main eyeshadow in this look -the oh-so-famous Bitten- and we’re gonna blend it all over our crease and outer corner. Make sure to connect the shadow with Petal Pusher and blend, blend, bleeend. Add more Petal Pusher if you’re having trouble blending.

After we blended everything to perfection we’re gonna deepen the outer v area. For this we’re gonna use Mocha. It’s the perfect shade of brown to deepen the crease but it won’t alter the burgundy color. Concentrate the darker color on the outer v and, of course, blend it with the other colors. If you want the look to be even deeper feel free to go in with Corrupt for a more intense look.


After all of that blending it’s time for the lid color. Prom Night is the perfect shadow for this smokey eye. Apply an even layer all over the lid. Then go in with a second layer but intensify the color by wetting your brush with some sort of mixing medium. This will help the lid color pop even more.

For eyeliner I wanted to keep the smokey theme going on. So we’re gonna create a faux winged liner using an angled brush and Corrupt. It’s a very simple way to do a wing, more forgiving as well.

(Btw, are you seeing Marie André’s eyebrows right now? They’re absolutely perfect, I didn’t even need to fill them in!)


After that, highlight the brow bone using Mirage to clean up under there. Apply Mirage to the inner corner as well.

Use a pencil brush to blend Bitten all over the lower lash line. Then use Petal Pusher to defuse the edges. To finish apply a few generous coats of mascara on the top and bottom lashes and the eye look is complete.


Semi-bold lips are the way to go for this look. To ensure that your lips look flawless and stay on all day, use Glitter an Ultra Matte Lip by ColourPop. Or any vibrant berry tone you have in your collection. As always feel free to wear whatever color you want.


Since there’s so much going on the eyes and lips, we want to keep the face makeup fairly neutral. Lightly contour and add a bit of bronzer to warm up the skin. Also add a  light neutral blush and tons of highlighter for a very fresh and dewy look on the skin. Don’t forget to mist your face with some setting spray to melt all the excess powders away and to lock in the makeup.


And we’re done! I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial and got some inspiration from this post. Make sure to let me know what you thought of the look and also what other things you’d like to see me post about.

Lot’s of love

Isa ❤


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