Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial | Nighttime Look

Valentine’s Day is two days away and there’s so much to be stressing about. Makeup shouldn’t be one of those things. In my last post, I showed you how to achieve a fast yet cute makeup look for daytime. And just like I promised, this week I bring you the nighttime look. Anyone can achieve this look wether you’re a makeup pro or a beginner. This look is super simple yet sultry, perfect for nighttime. 

For this look we’ll only need four eyeshadows. After priming and setting I’m gonna apply my transition color. I used MUG Beaches & Cream cause it’s perfect for my skin tone. Next I went in with a warm brown crease color and blended it on my crease only.


After blending for a lifetime I added the lid color. This is the star of the show. Use your favorite rose gold shadow -mine’s ‘Sequin’ by ColourPop- and apply it all over the lid. Make sure to blend it out with your crease color so that there are no harsh lines between both colors. On the outer corner I went in with an even darker shade of brown. Use a smaller blending brush to pack most of the color on the outer corner only and slightly defuse the rest on the crease.

On the waterline I went for a champagne liner. It opens up the eyes and it pulls the look together. I used both of the crease colors on the lower lash line, concentrating the darkest one closest to the lash line. On the inner half of the lower lash line I applied the same rose gold shadow from the lid. And lastly to brighten up the inner corners of the eye I went with something super bright and shimmery. I used a foiled shadow by MUG.


After applying a few coats of mascara -and falsies if you want to- the look is complete. I didn’t add any liner to this look cause I wanted to keep it soft and girly, but if you want to add some, I’d say go for it.


For the rest of the face I left it clean and flawless. But since this is a nighttime look I did go a bit more dramatic. I did a strong contour and blended it out with my favorite bronzer, the Pro Bronze Fusion by MUFE. I added tons of highlighter -Champagne Pop of course- to the high points of my face and finished everything off with some peachy matte blush for balance.


The advantage of this eye look is that it pairs up with a ton of different lippies. I went the more classic route and paired it with a red. I used Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bachelorette because it’s a pinky red, perfect for Valentines.

After setting everything with some setting spray, the look is complete!


I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial and that you learned something new. I wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day, regardless if you have a valentine or are forever alone, like me.

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love,


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