Makeup Geek Updated Eyeshadow Collection and Mini Review

It turns out I was a really good human this past year and Santa decided to reward me. I received the best gift of them all, Makeup Geek eyeshadows. If you’ve been on the internet for the past couple of months you must have heard of Makeup Geek and how amazing it is.

Today I want to share with you my updated MUG collection and do a mini review of each of the finishes that have come out in recent months.

Let’s do this!


By now we all know that MUG shadows are amazing and are great quality for the low price. So I’m not gonna talk about that. Instead I want to talk a bit on the different options MUG has to offer.


The formula of the matte shadows has recently been reformulated and they’ve brought out a bunch of new exciting colors. There’s something for everyone in this finish. It blends amazing and the color payoff is really good for a matte shadow.


In this finish you also have tons to choose from. In my opinion the shimmers are not the most wowing eyeshadows out there but they are great. For the price you pay and the color selection you have, they’re worth investing in.


These are amazing! There’s a bunch of colors to choose from and they’re uber pigmented. They feel like butter when you swatch them and they’re easy to work with. You don’t even need to dampen your brush to foil them cause they’re already so intense. The one thing you do need to be careful about is dropping them. They’re super soft and if you drop them they’ll most likely shatter, along with your heart. On the other hand if you do drop one it’s easy to repress it to the pan, you just need your fingers.


This is the newest finish they’ve come out with and I’m in love! There are light wearable colors and then there are super dramatic colors. They look incredible on the eyes and they perform really well throughout the day. Since they’re pressed pretty hard into the pan it can be a bit tricky to get the full duo-chrome effect, but you can build up the color to the intensity you desire. If you want to spice up your eye looks, these shadows are the ones for you.





Aaaand we’re done! I hope you enjoyed and found this post helpful. I’d also like to know what some of your favorite MUG eyeshadows are, so make sure to tell me. Oh and by the way I changed the blog’s name. Do you guys like it? Make sure to let me know as well.

Lot’s of love you guys,

Isa ❀


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