Easy Glitter Holiday Makeup Look

Glitter is a must when it comes to holiday makeup. It just makes everything feel a little bit more festive. On the other hand, glitter can be challenging to work with. It makes a mess and it takes time to make it look perfect.

The look I want to share with you all today is nothing like that. It’s not challenging nor time consuming. But it’s still glittery and festive.

Let’s dive right in!

What you’ll need

  • A really good base for the glitter to stick to. It doesn’t have to be glitter glue just something that’s strong enough to hold the glitter.
  • 1 transition shade and 1 crease shade of your choice
  • Glitter! It can be loose, an eyeshadow, a cream shadow etc. It just needs to have glitter.
  • Black liner of your choice.
  • Mascara of your choice.



To start of I’m gonna apply my base. I’m using a MAC Paint Pot in the shade Let’s Skate! My base already has glitter but yours doesn’t need to. Remember to set the crease with a powder so that it’s easier to blend the colors. Avoid setting the lid cause we want the glitter to stick to that base.


Now we can apply our transition shade and crease shade. This step will add definition to the eye but it won’t overpower the glitter. Make sure to blend it seamlessly so that there are no harsh edges.


It’s time for the fun part. Glitter! In the picture you can’t see the glitter I applied very well, but trust me, it’s there. I used more of that Paint Pot and set it with a bit of loose glitter. I also brought it up into my crease just a bit. The trick is to use a blending brush to apply the glitter. That way instead of looking supper dramatic, it looks very delicate. Plus it’s easier to work with. Don’t forget to blend your crease one more time to make sure everything is in perfect harmony.


Last but not least comes liner and mascara. I did a small wing but you can do whatever you want. I would advise you to keep it thin so that the glitter can shine through. You can choose to apply falsies or just apply mascara.

After that the eye look is done. See, I told you it would be easy.

The rest of the face is up to you. This eye look goes with everything. I also have some holiday lipstick suggestions, if you want to check them out.

Happy Holidays!

Isa ❤



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