KVD Mi Vida Loca Palette | Review and Demo

I just love the holidays. I love the food, the atmosphere, sharing with family and friends, the food, the makeup…

But for real, during this time of year every cosmetics company comes out with holiday kits, palettes, or sets and I live for them. They’re a great bang for your buck as well. But to be honest there are so many holiday sets that I get overwhelmed sometimes, and I don’t know what to pick. Today I want to share the best holiday palette that you should go get right now. 


Kat Von D’s Mi Vida Loca Palette. This is an incredible palette. The shadows are super pigmented, they blend super well, and they’re great quality. There’s a great mix of neutrals and colors, and you can create just about any look you could ever want with this. There’s also a great balance of shimmer/metallic and matte shadows.

The packaging is drop dead gorgeous. The art at the front is just jaw dropping. But this palette is huge. It’s bigger than my head so if you were planning to travel with it, you should reconsider. To ‘open’ the palette you just slide the shadows out of the case and that for me is a little unsafe. I feel like they could slide out any time. Fortunately that hasn’t happened yet. So the packaging is not the most practical out there but I can look past it cause I love how it looks.

If you’re considering to buy this palette I have three words for you. Just do it! It’s an amazing palette that you can create endless looks with, wether you wear colors every day or not. If you want this get it before it sells out forever. You won’t regret it.


Even though this is a great palette it can be a bit hard to use. There’s a lot of color going on and sometimes that can overwhelm us. But fear not. In this demo I’ll show you two different ways to use the colors in this palette. Wether they’re wearable or not that’s your choice to make.

Look # 1

This look is very colorful but don’t be scared, the colors in the palette are meant to challenge us.

Transition shade | noble

Upper crease shade | hyperballad + synth

Crease/deepening shade | dark wave

Lid shade | anthem

Tightline | black liner

Waterline | purple liner

Lower lash line | echo + löve + purple mascara

Inner corner | löve

Upper lashes | black mascara

Look #2

Compared to the other look this isn’t quite as colorful, but it’s a fun way to incorporate colors subtly.

Transition shade | fran + strutter

Crease shade | analogue

Outer V shade | destroyer

Lid shade | harpsichord + dampened brush

Lash line | smudged brown liner

Waterline | gold liner

Lower lash line | swoon + rewind

inner corner and brow bone | moulder

And there you have it! Make sure to tell me what you thing of the palette -if you own it- and what looks you’ve been able to create. I hope you enjoyed and that you learned something new.

Lot’s of love

Isa ❤


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