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The amount of work I’ve had to do this week, has been absolutely crazy. I’ve been working on the usual you know school and planning a TedX event that’s happening on Friday (more on that later), nothing big really. But I couldn’t just not post on the blog this week. In between all of this weeks craziness I received an eyeshadow order that I placed on Morphe Brushes a while back. I played with them a little and decided I needed to share my opinion with you guys. So let’s go ahead and do just that!

Let’s face it, Morphe is a brand that is really talked about in the youtube world. A few months ago I tried out their brushes and I fell in love with them. But I’m constantly hearing how good their eyeshadows are, and I couldn’t help but buy a few. Well ten, but who’s counting?


I will say that the shipping took super long. If I lived in the U.S. then maybe it would have taken a lot less, but since I don’t I had to wait for like a month for these to arrive. But when they finally came, I was pretty impressed.

They were very secure in their packaging and none of them broke fortunately. Since I bought individual shadows, each one of them came in it’s own secure package. The pan is also magnetic, so it’s perfect to store in your Z-Palette or wherever you want.


I bought 3 mattes and 7 shimmery/metallic eyeshadows and I loved them all. For $2.29 the quality of these eyeshadows is incredible. They blend well, they’re extremely pigmented, and they’re super easy to work with. They also last very long on the lids and the color of the shadows doesn’t fade out throughout the day.

Two of the mattes are more on the dry side, so if you’re not about that life, then they might not be for you. But I didn’t have any problem with them. They blended extremely well and they were pretty even across the lid.

(Left to right) Caramel, Rosewood, Spice.

The shimmers/metallics are super buttery and highly pigmented. They work really good on their own, but if you dampen your brush they’ll turn out even better.

(Left to right) Mysterious, New Moon, Glow for me, Granite, Lilac, Lustrous, Marbleized.

Overall I think these shadows are incredible. If you’re looking for great quality makeup for a low price then you need to get yourself some Morphe shadows. And if you happen to watch a lot of youtube -like me- then check out if your favorite youtubers have affiliate links. I used one on my order and I saved 10%. It is safe to say I’m in love with everything about these eyeshadows.

Have you guys tried Morphe makeup? Do you guys like it? Make sure to share what your experience has been and what other products from the Morphe line you would recommend.

Much Love ❤


  1. BeautyliciousStyle

    Hi! Where are you from? How much did they charge for shipping? Living outside the US now, I find the shipping to be as expensive as what you are ordering on some sites. Morphe is one of those. I have wanted to place an order so many times, but the shipping stops me every time. Great review! Beautiful shadows! 😀

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    1. Isa bonifasi

      Hey! I’m from Guatemala but I have a PO Box in the US. To bring the shadows to Guatemala from the US I was charged around $15 or so. And shipping to get my products to my PO Box was about $10. I do find it to be a bit expensive but if you are really eager to try the products I would say go for it! They’re totally worth it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. BeautyliciousStyle

        It costs about the same price for shipping to Europe. IDK if it’s worth it, paying for the shipping though. More and more websites are selling Morphe products with free worldwide shipping. It’s just a matter of findingthe websites. has free shipping and they sell both Makeup Geek and Morphe brand items along with a ton of other great brands. Check out their web page for those brands. Another great webpage with free shipping is for NYX, Bourjois, Pixi, Urban Decay, Givenchy, etc… There’s a link on my website to their website. It may be a better way to go. I just found out about Beautybay carrying Morphe in a post yesterday.

        Liked by 1 person

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