Pixi by Petra Makeup Fixing Mist | Makeup Review

I wanna start this post by giving an announcement. I reached 101 freaking followers! I know it’s not a lot, but I’m really excited. This means that 101 people actually like to read and view my content. So if you’re a follower I want to thank you for following me, and let you know I appreciate you.

On other news, I have a review for you guys on the Pixi Fixing Mist today. It was actually a request from Erin at Heyehren.

Let’s dive in!

I was strolling through the makeup isles at Target when I came across this product. I didn’t own any Pixi products and I saw this product so I decided to give it a go.


For starters, the packaging is really pretty. It looks really sleek and it’s quite practical. I do have one thing that I’m not 100% sure about. And that’s the way it sprays. Normally setting or primer sprays have a really fine mist and they’re easy to distribute. With this one, when you spritz it on it doesn’t come out like a fine mist. It kind of just squirts the product out. That makes it harder to spray the product easily onto every area of my face.

Other than that, I have no complaints. I tried it as a primer spray and also as a setting spray and it works pretty well. It makes the makeup stick to your face, but it also gets rid of excess powder. And yes it does prolong the wear of your makeup. As the day went on, I noticed that the product kept my face looking fresh and it kept the makeup under control.


The product feels very gentle on the skin. It’s also hydrating but it doesn’t make you oily at all. This also claims to tighten your pores but I couldn’t really see a difference when it came to that.

This is a pricier item at the drugstore, since it did cost me $15. But I do think that it’s worth it. You get a good amount of product and it is very high quality. This is one of the only setting type sprays available at the drugstore and I think you all should check it out. It’s totally worth the investment.

If you’ve tried this product, I would love if you could share how it has worked for you in the comment section. I hope this review was helpful!

See you next time ❤


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