The Little Mermaid Ariel Makeup With A Twist | Makeup Tutorial

Halloween. One of my favorite holidays. I like it, mainly because it’s an excuse to pile tons of makeup on my face and have it be socially acceptable. Who am I kidding, I do that no matter what people think.

I’m gonna dress up as The Little Mermaid aka the best Disney princes of life. But instead of doing the traditional makeup look I added a little twist. If you want to learn how to do this makeup look, all you have to do is keep reading. 

To start of this look you need to make sure that you’ve primed your eyes. I already did my foundation and concealer but you can do that whenever you want.


In a reference picture I pulled out of Ariel, she doesn’t have any noticeable eyeshadow. But, just like every princess, she does have a bit of shading going on. So what you’re gonna do is use a matte peachy transition shade and apply it all over your crease. It doesn’t matter if you get it everywhere because it’s almost unnoticeable.

After applying your transition shade grab a slightly darker and cooler shade to mimic the actual shading Ariel has going on. With a smaller blending brush apply precisely to your crease. The should be almost nonexistent, but you should apply enough so that you can see something different in your eye.


The next step is to line your eyes with black liner. Don’t wing it though! I know you want too, but for this look you can’t. To make your eyes bigger and more cartoon like you’ll need to do a gradual line. That means start with a very thin line in the inner corner and gradually build it up so that it becomes thicker and thicker till you get to the end of the eye. You can use whatever eyeliner is your favorite but just remember, it needs to be matte. If your eyeliner isn’t matte use a bit of black eyeshadow, matte as well, and press it exactly where you placed your liner. It will also prolong the wear of the eyeliner.


Since we don’t want any ugly gaps between or black liner and our eye we’re gonna tight-line. Since tight-lining is quite difficult to me I have a trick that I want to share with you. Pick up some gel liner into a flat brush and place the side with no product on your waterline. Next all you have to do is blink! And move the brush around every time you cover an area, all the way till you finish the eye. To make your eyes look wider apply a nude liner into your water line. You can also use white if you want, but nude looks much more natural.


After all of that apply mascara on your top lashes only. Ariel doesn’t have any definition on her lower lashes so I decided to leave them bare. If you want to add falsies go right ahead.I also filled in my brows, but I added a bit of red lipstick which was a total fail. It made my eyebrows look more purple since it doesn’t match my hair. But if you want to add a bit of red to complete this look just fill your brows in like normal and on top of that add some strokes of red lipstick.


Moving on to the cheeks. Ariel has a flat face in some of her pictures but in others she has a bit of blush going on. So we’re gonna add some blush to the look. You’ll want to use a neutral blush and concentrate most product on the apples of the cheeks, sweeping what’s left on the brush backwards. You don’t need to apply a lot, just enough so that it looks like you’re beaming with happiness.


The last step is the lipstick. It was quite hard to find a perfect match for her lipstick, but I got pretty close. So what you’re gonna do is line your lips with red lipliner and fill them in completely. After that you’re gonna take a coral-y red lipstick and apply it on top of the base. Make sure to mix both colors together to create something similar to the picture.


And now we’re done! Ariel’s makeup is actually super simple and I think anyone can pull it off. If you want to make this look a lot more cooler and mermaid-esque I have some more steps for you to follow.

For this part of the look you’re gonna need a bunch of sponges or brushes, fishnet stockings, a cream highlighter, powder highlighter, and pigments or shadows of your choice.


You will need to put the fishnet stockings on your head just like I did for you in this lovely picture. The first thing you’ll do is grab a sponge or brush and apply the cream highlighter everywhere you want your face to resemble a mermaid’s tail. I recommend the forehead, temples, and your cheekbones. But get creative and do whatever you want! Make sure to stipple it in, not rub. If you rub it, the effect won’t be the same, and all your work will be for nothing.

After letting the cream dry a bit you’ll apply the powder highlight on top of it. Remember to stipple, not rub. And now this is where you can get creative. Get your pigments or whatever you have available and stipple them where you’ve placed the highlighter. I kept mine a little bit toned down cause I still wanted to look like a princes, but you can go wild. You can apply purples, or greens, or blues, or whatever colors you want. Just remember to stipple the product and make sure the fishnet stockings don’t move around.

When you take of the fishnet stockings it should look a little bit like this:


As I said, I kept mine toned down, but you can do it as intense as you want. Also since we placed the cream highlighter, the products will last longer on your face and it will look much more intense.


And that’s it you guys! I hope I made this easy for you and that you learned something new today. Also make sure to tell me which look you prefer. Classic Ariel or Ariel with a twist.

I’ll see you next time ❤ and happy Halloween!

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