A Week in Chicago

It was about time I posted about another trip on the blog, don’t you think? I just got back from Chicago two days ago, and I have some things to share with you all. I’ve been to a bunch of places in the U.S. but Chicago was a new place for me. To be honest I really didn’t know what I was expecting. And whatever that was, doesn’t matter anyways, because I loved it.

   IMG_4225 IMG_4158

   IMG_4213 IMG_4191

The only reason I went on this trip, was because my dad ran the Chicago marathon. So there were a few days in which we only focused on that specifically. But I was able to get to know the city and to shop around quite a bit.

I visited the Cloud Gate -also known as The Bean- at Millennium Park on the first day. The weather was nice and the park was very beautiful. I also visited the Navy Pier and had a great time with my family.

I saw most of Chicago by bus though, because my dad wanted to get to know the city, but he needed to rest his legs for the marathon. I really enjoyed the city as a whole. It’s very quiet and even though there are a bunch of people it’s always very peaceful. There’s wonderful art on the streets and there are a lot of parks and nature surrounding the city.

  IMG_4155 IMG_4110

   IMG_4166 IMG_4158

I have to be honest, the rest of the time I was there I spent it shopping. Michigan Ave. was pretty close to my hotel so I spent a lot of time roaming those streets. I also ate some of the famous deep dish pizza and it was quite good. Very greasy, doughy, and saucy -just how I like it.

The day of the marathon was crazy! There were people everywhere and it was quite hectic, but always fun. I got to see my dad on three different locations and he got to see me and my family cheer him on, which was awesome. He also broke his personal record!

IMG_4197 IMG_4199


Even though it was a pretty short trip, I had a blast. I got to share with my family and I discovered a new place. Chicago is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for something fresh and new.

Pictures taken by Juan M. Bonifasi and me

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