Becca Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector Review

What a busy week! I had so many things to do this week that I almost forgot to post on the blog. Almost. As you can see by the title I have a review prepared for you today. It was actually a request from Makeup by Makena, so I decided to go ahead and do it. By the way, my camera died a few weeks ago so I’ve been taking the pictures with my phone. I’m trying to make them look as high quality as possible but I’m still working on it.

Enough with the blabbering, let’s get started!

The Becca Champagne Pop highlighter has been on my wishlist ever since it came out. It is a collab with the amazing Jaclyn Hill. I learn from her a lot so I decided to support her and just went ahead and bought it. Yes, that was my excuse for buying this product.    I’ve used it for a few months and I love this highlighter a lot. It was 100% worth the money.


   unnamed unnamed-2

Like most Becca cheek products, the packaging on this highlight looks like a UFO. It looks very sleek, but it does tend to get dirty fast. It’s very compact and super sturdy, your product will be safe if you accidentally drop it. On the inside it comes with a good quality mirror which comes in handy when you’re on the go. It also comes with a little hole on the back so that you can depot it easily if you want to. The packaging is very good, for the price that you pay.


       unnamed-1 unnamed-4

This is hands down one of the best quality highlighters I have ever tried. If you want a subtle highlight, do not buy this. This highlight is as intense as it gets. This is a very versatile product, not because of its many uses, but because of the color. There are certain highlighters that only work for certain types of skin colors. This one works on everybody. It looks quite dark when you swatch it, but once it’s on the skin it looks beautiful.

The color is a mix between peach and gold and the combination works. The product also has tiny specks of fine glitter running through it, but it doesn’t look like glitter once it’s on. When you wet the product or the brush the product becomes more compact, if that makes sense. It looks like it all comes together and the gold shines through a little bit more, as you can see in the swatch on the left.

The formula is very easy to work with and it’s very long wearing. Usually I have trouble with products staying around my cheek area, but not with this highlight. I like to apply it with a small blending brush for precise application, but if you want less intensity something like a fan brush will do the trick.

Overall I give this product a 10/10. Even though it is an expensive highlighter you definitely get your money’s worth. You also get 8g / 0.28 Oz. which is a good amount of product for what you’re paying. If you’re interested in this product check it out now because it is a limited edition product.

I hope you guys found this review helpful. If you want me to review some other products on my blog, don’t be afraid to ask! I’ll gladly do it for you.

See you guys later ❤

P.S. Three seconds after I finished this post I dipped my nail into the highlighter. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL 😦


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