Eyeshadow Fallout Problem? Here’s How to Solve It

Eyeshadow fallout is a very common thing in the makeup world. No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro fallout is unavoidable, especially with darker colors. I’ve had my fair share of ruined makeup looks because of fallout and I’ve acquired some tricks to prevent it from literally ruining my face. These are my tips and tricks to prevent fallout damage.

Tip #1

This is the most common thing ever but if you’re working with dark eyeshadows that are prone to fallout, do your eyes before your face. It’s that simple. That way you can clean it up when you’re done and it’s like it was never there.

Tip #2


Shadow shields are another thing that you might see a lot of people using. They’re very convenient but I refuse to buy them when I can do my own shadow shield with materials that I already own. As you can see in the picture I’m holding a piece of paper close to my eye to prevent fallout. I like to cut it a bit so that the paper is not straight, that way it feels more comfortable. The only thing is that you have to be holding the paper but if it helps prevent fallout I’ll do whatever it takes.

Tip #3


Anyone who’s ever worked with glitter, knows how hard it is to work with. It goes everywhere on your face and it stays there for like ten years. This trick will help you reduce fallout and glitter from your face. You just need some tape and you’ll be ready to go. Now what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna grab a medium size piece of tape and you’re gonna fold it so that it creates a circle. With the sticky part on the outside of course. That way you can put one or two fingers in, go straight into the fallout, and lightly tap the areas where there’s glitter or eyeshadow. You will notice that the fallout will disappear almost, if not, completely from your face.

Tip #4


This is my favorite tip because it’s very easy. Everyone must have some sort of loose powder in their makeup collection, and that is the only thing we need. What you’ll do is dab an exaggerated amount of loose powder where you would usually put concealer. If you’ve already applied concealer you can do it on top. You leave the powder there until you finish your eye makeup and then you dust it off. If there was some fallout from the eyeshadows it will automatically dust off with the excess powder.

And there you have it. Those were my tips and tricks to prevent fallout. I hope you liked this post and that you were able to learn something useful today! Do make sure to tell me how the tips worked for you in the comment section.

See you next time!

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