Travel Time: London, England

Big Ben on a sunny day

  London, oh where to start with London? I guess I’ll just start by saying that London is amazing and I freaking love it! I love the feel of the city, I love the locals, and I love the cultural diversity. The only thing that I don’t love about London is the weather. I mean, it was spring time and I was freezing my butt off. Other than than London was amazing and I’ve made it a life goal to live there someday.

 I went to London five years ago and I only stayed there for ten hours, so I didn’t really go to London. This time I explored a lot and I got to know London pretty well. Instead of staying at a hotel, my dad rented an apartment and it was awesome. It was super cozy and it made me feel at home. I’ve always wanted to live in a place like that and now I got to have the experience for a few days.

The apartment’s entrance
The neighborhood

The main reason I went to London was because my dad signed himself up for the London marathon. In light of that, the first day we went to get his number to the runners expo and my dad did some fun stuff, while me and the rest of my family went to sit for an hour or so. At least we had free wifi…

Obviously we went to the race to support my dad. We got to Hyde Park, which was near the finish line, four hours in advance just so that we could get a great spot. Even though by the end of it I literally couldn’t feel half of my body, because of how freaking cold I was, it was worth it. I got to see my dad and a lot of other people doing something that they put a lot of heart into and I was really inspired. I was also glad it wasn’t me in their positions because some people looked like they were just about ready to pass out.

My dad’s medal

  I was sort of in charge of the activities and therefore we did a lot of shopping. We went to Oxford Street and it was amazing. We also walked around lots of miscellaneous streets and shopped there too. My sister has kind of an obsession with Lush so we went to Lush a billion times during the trip as well. I got to try some new stores like Primark, River Island, and Boots which I really enjoyed.

Lush Bath Bomb In action

  We also went on an open top bus and we got a whole tour of London. It was an easy way of getting to know the city without actually having to walk, since my dad needed his full rested legs for the marathon. After the marathon we did get to walk and explore around a little bit. We went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and it was a very nice play, even though I’ve always been creeped out by Willy Wonka. I even went into a pub with my family, though they kicked us out because my siblings and I were underage, duh!

Big Ben from an open top bus

Walking around Brompton

 One of the most incredible things that we did was the London Eye. The view was absolutely indescribable. When I was at the top I was able to see everything and I fell in love with London. I could see Big Ben right in front of my face and everything just looked perfect.

London Eye

Big Ben, yet again, from the London Eye
Going Down

I went to loads of different places and even though they were all in the same city they were all different. Different style, different people, and different feel. I got to have diverse experiences without actually having to move around so much and I found that amazing.

The most important thing that happened while I was there was that my favorite band, 5SOS was there as well. At the time they weren’t performing in London but they were still there. I looked for them, I kid you not, everywhere I went. I kept my eyes open the whole time but unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet them. On the bright side I was in the same timezone as them and I got to breathe the same air they were breathing. Sorry, fangirl moment.

If you are considering going to London, stop considering and just go, I promise you will not regret it. You’ll learn a lot, you’ll have great experiences, and you’ll make great memories. You might also have some trouble understanding people, sometimes the accent is confusing.

I’f you’ve been to London or if you’re lucky enough to live there, make sure to let me know your favorite things about London.

Mesmerized me ft. the amazing city of London

Till next post!

p.s. Some of the pictures were taken by my dad.

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