Benefit Cosmetics vending machine

Hey guys! 

If you’ve checked out my travel category in the blog, then you know that I did quite a bit of traveling recently. 

I had a connecting flight in Houston and when I was walking around with my family trying to find the toilet, I found something even better. There was a Benefit vending machine full of makeup, obviously. I had heard of them but I had never seen one, so I was pleasantly surprised when I came across one.

The machine works just like a normal vending machine does. You choose what you want, you pay for it, and then you get your products. It does take a while for it to work because the machine grabs the products one by one, so I panicked a bit when the machine wasn’t doing anything and I was missing one product, but eventualy I got my products and left.

There was so much to pick from but the two products I chose were the hoola bronzer and the gimme brow. Both products have been super hipped up on youtube and other platforms so I decided to give them a try and I’m liking them so far. Comment below if you would like me to review them for you.

Overall I am really happy that I got to experience it and I think that it’s a super unique and fun concept, so high five Benefit! If you ever see a Benefit vending machine and you have the time, try it out, I promise you won’t regret it. 

See you next post! 



  1. HonestBeauty

    Wait, you found this machine in Houston? Which airport? I’ve been wanting to see one for the longest time ever but I thought it was only in San Fransisco. (Oh and I’m just starting out blogging so if you could follow back I would love it! :))

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