Travel Time: Lyon, France


Hey guys, long time no talk!

I recently got back from a two week trip in Europe with my family in which I visited  Lyon, Barcelona, and last but not least London. The way I’m gonna share my experience with you will be through separate posts, one for each country I visited. And since Lyon was the first place that I visited I’m gonna go ahead and start with that.

The reason why the whole trip took place was because one of my aunts got married in France. I’ve been to paris before but Lyon was a new city for me and I was really excited to go. I got the opportunity to share with my extended family as well and it made for a super awesome and crazy time.

Since we were there for the wedding I didn’t have time to explore the city because there were a lot of events happening. But I spent a lot of time on car rides and I was able to admire the city from the inside of a van. Lyon is a beautiful city full of charming and modern features. There’s a lot of great and artistic food as well.


The wedding took place in a vineyard and the place was breathtaking. The view that I had from the wedding venue was spectacular. It was really cold out though so I had to bring out my super fluffy and unattractive coat several times during the trip. I tried fashion, I really did.


One thing that made this trip different from other trips was that I got to interact with the french community there. My aunt’s husband is french so obviously I shared a lot with french people. Even though I did not understand a word they were saying most of the time, I got to experience what it was like living like them and I got to se how they shared with their own community. They were all great hosts as well and they made us feel right at home. They even saved us from getting lost on the road a couple of times.

Overall if I have the opportunity to visit Lyon again, I will with no doubt. I had an excellent experience.

See you next post!

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