Tips to making your winged eyeliner look flawless


If you’ve ever attempted to do a winged liner, then you know how hard it it. Making sure that the wing is even on both sides, or if you mess up on one side then you have to mess up the other side. In the case of winged eyeliner the more you try to fix it the worse it will look. And in the end you decide to just give up on it and you end up with panda eyes. Trust me, I know the struggle.

I’ve been practicing winged liner for a while now and if you are persistent with it, you will get better over time. But if winged liner is not your everyday thing and you want to look good when you want to wear it I have some tips to make your life easier and save you a lot of time.


Tip #1: Use tape to guide your wing

I know you’ve heard this a million times but it is a very helpful step to give you a very precise crisp line. What you’re gonna do is grab a small piece of tape and put it right where you want the wing, making sure you connect it to the lower lash line. If you’re using an angled brush make sure to use little product on the brush and then build it up. If you’re using a pen liner make sure to use a very fine tip and work with gentle strokes. While doing the wing don’t do one big line, instead do tiny lines that connect to each other to make it look cleaner.

If using one piece of tape is not giving you the results you want, use two. You can make the shape of your wing with some tape as well so that both sides are as even as possible. The only thing you need to add is another small piece of tape on your lid and connect it to the tape that you put before, creating a triangle shape in the outer part of your eye which will help you create your desired wing.

Tip #2: Start with eyeshadow

This is a very simple tip. If you still don’t feel confident to work with gel or liquid liner, use eyeshadow to start. The only thing you need to do is use an angled brush or a fine tip brush and dip it in black eyeshadow or whatever color your eyeliner wing is gonna be. Then you create your wing with the eyeshadow, always using short strokes and connecting them into one line. If you mess up it will be easier to clean as well, which is always a good thing. If you want a soft look you might want to leave it like that but if you want to go over it with eyeliner it will be so much easier because you already have the shape and everything done. You will be able to work with the liner faster and you will have less chances of messing it up.

Tip #3: How to fix mistakes

Winged eyeliner will never look perfect no matter what you do. But I do have some tips to help you fix your mistakes. One of the easiest and most common ones is using Q-tips. I like to dip them in some makeup remover and then perfect my wing, but sometimes I go overboard and I have to start all over again. Using a concealer stick or a flesh toned eyeliner to cover up your mistakes is another great option. I like doing that even when I don’t have a ton of mistakes because adding that makes my line look more defined, crisp, and clean.

I hope these tips help you and save you tons of time when it comes to winged eyeliner. If any of you readers have any other tip don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section.

And remember practice makes perfect!


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