Travel Bucket-list

Traveling is one of those things that I’ve done a lot of, but still want more. I’ve been lucky enough to visit a lot of different countries in the short time that I’ve been alive, but there are still a lot of places that intrigue me and that I want to discover.

So without further ado, my bucket list!

1. Hawaii has always felt like a luxurious place to me. I’m really interested in the Hawaiian culture specially the food, but I’m also intrigued in the Lei (flower necklace) and the Hula (Hawaiian dance). I’ve heard that the beaches are beautiful and I would love to have the Hawaiian experience.


2. When my parents visited Australia I was approximately six or seven years old, and the only thing they got me while they were there was a pink T-shirt with two Koalas on it. It’s been ten years since that happened and I think it’s time to go to Australia and pick up a new T-shirt, cause the old one doesn’t fit anymore. I’ve heard that the food is really good and I really want to explore the beaches. I’m not to thrilled about the wild animals that I might find though. I feel like Australia is a little world of its own, since it’s so far away from everything. Visiting Australia would be a dream come true.


3. I’ve wanted to go to Canada for a while now. Ever since I developed a certain liking to Justin Bieber I’ve dreamt about going to Canada and taking a Bieber tour throughout Canada. I also really want to try Tim Horton’s donuts because everyone that lives or that has gone to Canada raves about them. WhenI do go to Canada I just gotta make sure that it’s in the summer because If I don’t do good in the winter back home, I would probably freeze in Canada.


4. So I cheated a little because the truth is that I have been to London once. I was eleven and I was flying to India so I had 10 hours of waiting time in London. Needless to say, I wasn’t really in London because the only thing I had time to do was take the metro to go get McDonalds and take a few pictures in the freezing cold. But this year, 2015, I’m going back to London and I’m super excited. London is a high fashion city and I’m excited to see and buy very different pieces of clothing and accessories for my wardrobe.


5. Brazil has the coolest people in the world, and in my opinion the coolest accent as well. They’re full of energy and Brazilians are always happy. And of course their happiness is contagious. And that’s one of the main reasons that I want to go there. The atmosphere, from what people have told me, is very carefree and crazy fun. It’s also a very cultural country. I haven’t traveled to South America a lot and I think Brazil would be a great way to start traveling south more often.


6. Chicago, Illinois is one of those places that I want to go to but I don’t know why. I don’t know much about it but apparently it’s a really windy city. It also looks a little bit like NYC and so far NYC has been my favorite place of all the places that I’ve been to. I would like to compare how similar or different the two cities are and who knows, maybe after I visit Chicago I’ll have a new favorite city.


7. Amsterdam is a city that’s very different from every other city that I know. Not only is the layout different but the way the inhabitants move the city makes me really interested in it. From what I have seen in pictures it’s a beautiful place with beautiful nature surrounding it and I think going to Amsterdam would change things up a bit since I haven’t been anywhere like it.


8. Belize is super close to Guatemala (where I live) and I always thought that it would be boring to go there because since it’s close to home it was probably the same as home. But I was wrong. Belize is filled with culture and beautiful sceneries and even though it’s close to Guatemala the culture is very different. I think Belize is kind of like a hidden gem and I’m up to discover it.


9. Argentina is another place that my parents went to when I was little and when they got back, this time they didn’t bring me any souvenir. The only thing that my dad brought back was a really bad take on the argentine accent and a very weird beard. But I once had some argentine neighbors and I learned that Argentina was a really nice place to visit. I don’t know much about the culture which is the main reason I want to go. I think going to Argentina would be a cool learning experience and maybe while I’m there I can pick up some of the accent myself.


10. New Zealand is a place that I don’t know much about. I have met someone who is from New Zealand but I didn’t learn much of the country. I did learn a ritual that rugby players do before each game but it was such a long time ago that I can barely remember it. Since it’s so far away from everything, just like Australia, I tend to not look into it a lot. Which is why I want to go so that I can learn about New Zealand and it’s culture.

new zealald

As I’m growing older I’m starting to understand the value of traveling, and as I said before I am lucky enough to have the opportunity of traveling to lots of different places, to get to understand and learn from different cultures, and to be globally aware of what’s happening.

See you guys next time!


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